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Misfit & Toad have nothing on Lewis and Shortdrift

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Shortdrift, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. Lewis, Liz and Sd headed for SE OH. yesterday afternoon. Liz wanted to do some work around their Motor Home. Lewis and SD were going to start setting deer stands. :rolleyes:
    We set out on Lewis's ATV to select locations and would then come back for the ladder stands once we settled on the primary areas. Found three great looking areas and started back.
    We were motoring up a fairly steep incline when I suddenly realized that the front wheels were off the ground and not giong back down even though Lewis had reduced throttle. That was enough to convince me to eject off the back of the machine and start doing reverse somersaults down the hill. On each of my four rotations I caught some stop action of Lewis and saw that the Atv had a excellent chance of falling over on him. My last rotation was into a ditch so I lost sight of my buddy and figured it was going to be a bad show.
    Popping out of the ditch I was happy to see that only Lewis's leg was under the now "turtle" ATV and even happier whebn he said he was OK but "get this thing off me". He crawled out from under and we righted the ATV and he continued up the hill while I walked. The battery had spilled some acid and the overflow tube was now dumping it on the hot exhaust pipe. GREAT FUMES!
    Took a few hundred feet at a fairly good clip to clear our lungs. Yes, we were riding double again. :eek:
    Finally got a stand and proceeded to botch that up also by attaching the footrest backwards and not noticing it until we had the thing completely errected. We only had to put the stand up three more times prior to getting it right. :p We have only done the same thing for several years so "Whats New". Gave up and decided to finish the following morning.
    Now we find out that the farmer up the road had his 8,000# Ford tractor stuck. He had slid off the same road we flipped on but he darn near made it into the lake. Some very heavy brush had prevented the tractor from rolling down an incline into the lake. A friend came with a full sized SUV and managed to get it back on the road. Lewis got pretty muddy while I stood around and offered advice.
    Got back to camp and were enjoying someting cold when a visitor decided to leave but got stuck on the wet grass. Lew and Short broke out the tow strap and got the situation taken care of.
    By this time out bruises and wrenched muscles were starting to let us know that we were no longer young and indestructibe so we hit the sack.
    Someone started knocking on the door at 2:30am asking if we were sleeping. No, I'm not kidding, this really happened! Lewis offered a short answer and we went back to sleep.
    Saturday morning we finished the first stand and proceed to put up another one. It went well until we (Lewis) jammed the ratchet on the cinch strap which was finally cut up by me and almost ended up too short to use. Then we (Shortdrift) lost the wing nut that held the sawblade on the long pruning pole which made clearing shooting lanes real fun after that. :(
    Back to selecting a third site, found it after climbing 6,000,000,000 feet of hillsides and returned to camp for the last stand. Had someting cold to drink and suddenly became reluctant to leave the comfort of the camp.
    Lewis stayed for another night while Shortdrift gladly returned home. :D
  2. These hills down here are wonderful, aren't they? :rolleyes: You should have given me a holler. I'm sure I could have made things worse. :D I actually drove by this moring and was going to stop and say hi, but I had no idea which driveway was the right one.

  3. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Hey at least your taking it all in stride, great story :)
  4. LOL, sounds like you guys had a ton of fun, a day in the woods climbing hills is better than an hour at work IMO. I hunted in Meigs county, near a town called rutland, a couple years back. Can't even remember exactly where it was, wish I could go back down there though. SOO many deer, wanted to wait for a buck but gave in on second day and took a doe. Wasn't thinking at the time and she was at the bottom of one of those great steep hillsides. Now that was some real fun, and nobody had a winch on their four wheelers so my leg muscles were worn out after that hunt lol. Can't wait for this year's adventures.
  5. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    now that's what i call a good guys can now appreciate the fun that we have,doing our "keystone cop" act.after picturing shortfall bouncing down the hill like a big beachball,i deposited half my coffee on my keyboard :D
    i think a roll cage and 4 point harnesses for the ATV might be something you'll wanna consider.maybe you guys should also consider carrying the assembly instructions for the stands.are you sure you weren't enjoying "somethng cold" BEFORE you began your day? :rolleyes:
    one question about the 2:30 visitor.did lewis' "short answer" consist of more than 2 words? :eek: :D gotta admit that hangin' out and doin' stupid things with a good buddy,is still fun,even when we get old :cool:
  6. Corey

    Corey OGF Team-Charter Member

    Laurel & HARDLY! LMAO!!!
  7. I thought I was sore when I woke up Saturday morning but it was nothing compared to Sunday morning. :eek: Even the hurt must move slower when you graduate to a more mature level of age. :rolleyes: Too bad the brain never gets any smarter after the 20's. :D Guess I'll go and soak in a hot tub of water. :cool:
  8. LakeRaider

    LakeRaider EEEEEK!

    Lol :D Too funny. Sounds like a great time! :) Raider (.)(.)
  9. toad

    toad geriatrics supporter

    I think thats must be true. As I get older and rounder I just don't seem to bounce as well. :rolleyes: You would think someone with the shape of a ball would bounce real well.
    Glad that you and lewis came out with just being a little sore and not hurt bad. As for the memory... well I don't think I made a fishing trip this year without forgeting something, I almost forgot to pick Rick up once.
  10. Lewis


    Oh man! I sore!
    I am hurting in places that I didnt even know I had.. :D
    Been riding ATVs for a long time..first flipover.
    Could it be due to all the extra ballast I had on the rear?? :D
    Shortdrift shot off the back like he had been tasered by Toni! :eek:
    I was laying backwards at a 45 degree angle with my back on the high crown of a ditch looking at the sky. :eek:
    When a big ugly 4 wheeler came into view,blocking out the sky and heading straight down for me.
    I actually managed to slow its momentum with my arms.
    Surprised that neither of us even got a scratch....just sore muscles.

    I think Short brought Murphy's Law down with him! :D
    Anyway...the cold beverages soothed things,and it felt great to get into the woods again.
  11. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    Makes you wonder why there are "NO PASSENGERS" warning stickers on those ATVs. You're lucky no one was badly hurt, or even killed. I've been riding atvs for years, and unfortunately I know the joyous feeling of a 700 pound machine rolling over me while I am cartwheeling down a hill.

    I hope you guys keep it safe. And I would advise wearing helmets, even on those short rides to the deer stands.