Miracle on the Hudson

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  1. I still can't believe what a great job that pilot did to land that bird on the Hudson River. Plus to get the tail to hit so the plane wouldn't cartwheel....Isn't it sad that we can pay athletes $20-30 million. Give corp executive millions for bankrupting their company and this guy saves 155 lives through skillful and thoughful actions under duress and nobody is stepping up to give him a $1 million bonus or something to reward his performance.....I wish I had the capital to do something. He is truely a hero!

    They should invite him to the Pres. parade on Tues in DC and have him take a bow.....

    It may not get to far, but since I work in the life insurance industry I going to see if maybe the industry can do something at least make a $1 million donation to the charity of the pilot's choice (no PETA) or something He saved 155 lives so that at least delayed paying on death claims of those people for a while.
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    that's been done.a guy has already offered to send him.
    he did do an incredible job of turning what could easily have been a tradgedy into a miracle.

  3. Ten bucks says 90% of the passengers have already been contacted by attorneys looking to make some money off the situation.

    I agree with you. The guy stayed calm and made the best of it. From what I heard, he made sure he was the last one to leave the vessel.
  4. He is a HERO!! Not only saved 155.... Think of how many other lives he saved.... All those buildings close by... Saved many lives on the ground as well.....
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    i'm sure there will be some,but doubt it will be that bad.unless their is some negligence found,there isn't much of a case for big suits.and so far there seems to be no fault.and injuries are few and not serious.
  6. He must have put that plane into a beautiful dead stall to hit the water and not break up
  7. That truly was a miracle, and the pilot and co-pilot are both hero's in my book.
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    shortdrift,they said it was a textbook water landing.brought it in slow,raised the nose then touched the tail and rear edges of the engine housings all at the same time.the engines snapped off like they were designed to do and the plane stayed basically intact.
    another point to consider is that the reports are that the passengers stayed basically calm and shuttled the women and children the the exits first.
    the pilot is definately one cool guy under pressure and should be publically recognized for his efforts!
  9. The pilot was the last one of the plane. That is just crazy how calm he was during the whole thing. I agree with you snakecharmer the should invite hime to the pres parade on tues in dc.
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    The pilot even walked the aisle of the plane twice before he exited to make sure nobody was left behind.
  11. "The pilot was the last one of the plane. That is just crazy how calm he was during the whole thing. I agree with you snakecharmer the should invite hime to the pres parade on tues in dc."

    "The pilot even walked the aisle of the plane twice before he exited to make sure nobody was left behind."

    One of the broadcast's said he was retired Air Force with over 100,000 hours which certainly procuces a competent pilot when faced with an emergency.
    150 plus people that have him to thank for their still being alive.
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    factorial 50?!!?!?

    my god that is a huge amount of people :p

    seriously though, balls of steel on this guy.
  13. That's what I heard. Over twenty years of flying fighter planes.

    Probably had something to do with it.
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    Another fine Air Force example! He was trained by the best;)
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    yea thats amazing, no questions asked.

    41 degree water and 150 survive. They have a verrry short time to live in those conditions, not to mention the actual disaster before they were in the water. Great job by everyone, pilot,co-pilot,passengers, flight attendants, coast guard, fire departments ect.
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    Truely a great job. And also he is a glider pilot.

    Keith R.
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    Another major factor in all of their favor is that the pilot was also a certified glider pilot!

    Man! So many factors played favorably into it for them!

    I agree, awesome job of both the pilot, co-pilot, and everyone involved including all of the the rescuers.

    By the way - how many bars are on a pilot's shoulder?
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    4 bars for a captain.
  19. Saw the film clip from the security cameras...on the AOL Welcome page...He set that bird down like he was on a runway...Big thumbs up to all the crew onboard and the rescue boats that rushed to there aid...No one saw him but God was on that plane...What a story......Jim....
  20. What's even more amazing to me is how he was even able to control this airplane with two dead engines. They would have no hydraulics at all so the engines had to have been running or at least windmilling. They do have back up electrical pumps but they are ac powered so no generators from the engines, no electrical pumps. Newer airplanes do have APU's (auxilary power units) but they're only used on the ground and most cannot even be started in flight.
    Some airplanes like the L1011, 767's do have RATs, (ram air turbines), a hydraulic pump with a proppeller that pops out of the belly of the plane as a last resort for an emergency landing. It will be interesting to find out the rest of the story. Great job crew!