Minnows near Acton?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bluegill1, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Anyone now of nearest place to get minnows when fishing Acton Lake. Way to early I think for concessison stand at lake to have any? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Also what is the condition of the lake after all this rain?
  2. only two places i can think of are Dan's Sport shop in Camden and there is a gas station in oxford if you come from Huston woods on 27 not too far from the wal-mart on the left (marathon i think) as you are going into town.

    Not sure if they have them or not, but those are the 2 places i usually go. Lake is high and brown!

  3. Nightprowler

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    Dan's Sport Shop (BPS) has minners, but be sure to ask for the special, 5 dozen for $5.50 +tax. He wants $3 for 2 dozen. Last week the fishing was slow! With the cold weather this weekend, it probally isn't any better now. Good Luck!
  4. i havent been up there to check but im hoping that the water temp hasnt changed too much with the rain it helped warm it before but who knows.
  5. fishnwithjoe

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    I know Acton has tons of saugeye. Has anyone been hooking up on any lately?
  6. no saugeye yet...only been on the water once so hoping that will change soon