minnows in a jar

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  1. has anyone tried these things .....do they work?? im sure live minnows are better but i was wondering if these work as well,planning on taking the boat out to tappan this weekend and was goin to buy a little jar but thought i would post this dumb question first???? any help would be appriciated
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    I know the "Magic" brand you buy at Dicks in the Ziplock type bags don't work for Perch on Lake Erie. We were catching them like crazy one day and ran out of real shiners. I had a bag of those in my boat so we tried them and NOTHING! Ended up borrowing a few from a boater near us to finish out our limit.

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    Better off to stick with the real ones. The Bait store at the west end- Cripple creek- Will load you up. Ask for 2 dozen and he'll usually give you five.
  4. Ive tried them also, Nothing ,I don't like them.
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    LOL.........I thought you meant what we do in ponds with crappies...........we'd get a gallon pickle jar and put a dozen minnies in it and let it sink attached to a rope.........the crappies would go nuts around the jar tryin to slam them and we would drop our baits and have a ball !!
  6. I'd say that all depends on how good the bite is that day. Never tried the ones in a jar, but we have often froze our leftover shiners and bring them along on the boat as a backup in case we run out of live ones. There are some days when the fish are more finiky and will only bite a live minnow but I've experienced days where the perch were biting so good that as we'd get close to running out of minnows we'd start cutting them in half and would still catch fish, and have even caught perch from half digested minnows that the perch we caught would spit up in the boat or cooler.

  7. If you mean the Gulb minnows in a jar, some people I know have limited on Erie(eyes) this year with them. Check the Erie Forum and search under Gulp Minnows. You might be surprised what you find there!
  8. saw a guy do the minnows in a bottle trick with two or three dozen in a glass distillata style bottle near the bridge at Ladue....

    he was the only guy catching that day...and he pulled in a bunch