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  1. what do you guys use in your minnow traps as bait?
    I've used bread sometimes dry dog food but results are poor. i want to catch creek chubs.
  2. i have tried the skin of hot dogs. it works pretty swell but then i also found turtles and crawdads in em.

  3. iceberg

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    make a chum bag out of panty hose and hang inside trap. put oatmeal or wutever inside the panty hose it will slowly leech out.
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    I have tried a bunch of stuff but trail baloney has worked the best. I normally slice a 1 inch chunk and put it in the trap. It holds together great but the oils and salt are a great attractant. I do get a few craws and snakes but if you check it everyday you will be fine. The baloney I use is venison bit I am sure that beef would work just as well. Good luck
  5. I use fish pellets wrapped in cheesecloth tied to the cage with a wire twist tie. Fish pellets have attractants that would be better suited than dogfood.

  6. thanks for the suggestions
    i'll give it a try
    nice pic PondFin
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    Interesting. I will try using the cheesecloth bag.