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  1. I like fishing live bait particularly minnows. More so when winter fishing. I have tried a couple of different aerators, and they all seem to have a six month life span. I purchased the Engel 19 which came with its own aerator. When I get home, I have an aquarium aerator that I plug in, but when I go out, I depend on the battery operated. When I'm in my car, I use the car adapter to power it. Does the adapter do damage to the aerator? I would like to hear some input from OGF members on your experience with aerators, so that I can purchase an aerator that is a bit more reliable. Thanks.
  2. I boughy the cheapest air-pump i could find 2 years ago. I think a mr.bubbles for like 8 bucks. It runs on either 2 and/or 1 d battery. I might change out the battery 1× a year ( i dont use it a hole lot) and it has enough power to keep a open hole from freezing about the size of my fore arm in temps lower then 20° in a small troll along minnie bucket....
    Ig you use minnows most every trip it might not be the best option for you. But has been fantastic 8$ spent for me....
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    It’s hard to find locally. If you deal with a Mom and pop type of store maybe they can order it for you. But it’s hard to beat Fishusa price on it
  4. Yeah. Fish USA has a good selection. Thanks.
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    I have Frabill and it has been used a lot, One of the best I've ever had. At one point I used it as a live well, lasted all day and I put new batteries in. Can't go wrong with Frabill.
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    I have the exact Engel you have. Bought it last year and absolutely love it. I just had two POUNDS of Medium Golden Shiners in the thing last weekend in NY and they held up great. We had extreme temps and I brought it in at night and plugged in. Worked better than any I have owned over the years. With the lid closed and snapped it tipped over and didn’t spill any water. I also own the Frabill suitcase style and it does not compare. The variable speed on the pump is nice too if you don’t have a bunch of live bait in. I try to always use a good live bait additive (Better-Bait) also.

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    Got mine from R&R bait but not sure of the brand. It was $25 but it’s held up awesome over all of the years I’ve owned it and I’m not easy on my gear. Dropped it plenty of times on concrete and walking through the woods when the hose got caught on a branch/vine and it’s still going just fine. Its waterproof as well.
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    I bought a Flambeau from Jann's netcraft and it has held up really well.
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  9. i care for 250 doz minnows a yr. pet smart has a durable aerator. last a yr. tried em all. change water often. keep them cool.
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  10. Aerobait !!check them out!
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  11. Thanks to all for sharing experience and suggestions. Heading up to Frank's Great Outdoors on December 9 for 'Shanty Days" sale. Will have list of aerator suggestions with me.