Minn Kota PD50 control problem

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Nightprowler, May 4, 2008.

  1. Nightprowler

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    I've developed a short that won't let me turn left. I think its in the foot pedal. All other functions were working fine, until I wiggled the connection, then the power quit too. Before I buy a replacement pedal, anyone have any ideas? It started in the tourny with the light breeze and spring shower. Thanks for any advise.
  2. BigDaddy300

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    I have heard of other guys having the same problem when the pedal gets wet. Let it dry out and try again. Also make sure the pedal is fully plugged in. I had a similar problem with mine a couple years ago. Not sure if it was wet at the time of the problem, but it did go away on its own. Good Luck!

  3. Rob

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    Yep, Been there done that-- a couple of weeks ago.
    Take the foot pedal inside and let it dry out good for 4-5 days, then recheck it. Hopefully, it'll work as well as mine did.

  4. SwollenGoat

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    If you know someone else with a PD perhaps you could borrow their pedal to make sure that is indeed the problem. (FWIW - I think everyone's guess is on the right track, but it never hurts to be sure.)
  5. Had similar problems with ours as well. Cleaned the contacts on the plug and receptacle real well then hit them with dielectric gel. Havan't had a problem since. Hard to clean though so we leave it plugged in.
  6. Nightprowler

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    Anybody have a working spare, they'd part with? Thanks for the info.
  7. Go to the Minn Kota website and look for authorized service centers. I had both my trolling motors (front trolling and engine mount) serviced this year. Pretty reasonable, and one of the motors was starting to get a little moisture in it and the tech. said it wouldn't have lasted long into next season before going bad. They also serviced the foot control, and he had some extras laying on the shelves. Both new and used. I don't have his name handy, but the shop was located in Westerville.

  8. Nightprowler

    Nightprowler Crappie Hunter

    Seems like the main board and foot pedal couldn't take the beating of the tourney. I had both (from factory $68 foot control and $64 main board PLUS $21.50 SHIPPING biter) sent today and installed them myself. Seem to have cured it.
  9. I've replaced my twice in four years. The first one was under warrenty so I got it free. The 2nd I bought on ebay for 48$. It was new in package. The
    service guy I took the first one to said they had alot of problems with these.
    Another question is your minn Kota noisey?

  10. When my foot pedal wasn't working right - it wouldn't work at low speeds when I would leave it in the 'on' position - anyhow I took it apart and found that all that was needed was the screws tightened, they had worked loose and weren't making a full connection.......simple fix, hope yours is just as easy as that.......
  11. Nightprowler

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    The power drive does seem to make alot of noise. I got a terrova auto pilot on order, hope its better.