Minn kota endura series trolling motors-avoid them

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by yonderfishin, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Flimsy plastic boat clamp, wobbly composite shaft that vibrates like heck,...save your money.
  2. Ultralight

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    Did you size yours correctly? What size endura and what size boat?

    I have a 36 attached to a 2x4 c-clamped to my canoe. The clamp is solid as a rock, and the shaft is not wobbly at all. It got me from paddling to cruising for $60. Can't beat that!

    What is your exact setup?

  3. 14 ft. sea nymph, just a light v hull boat..and an endura 30 ....should be just fine. Im gonna return it to wal mart and get the motorguide instead , it has the metal clamp and shaft.
  4. fshnfreak

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    i have had my minn kota endura for 3 years now and not had problem one with it i have a 50lb thrust on my 14 footer and she purrs like a kitten. the onlt time i get vibratiopns is when I dont tighten her down enough.
  5. Ultralight

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    Ahhhh. you got the walmart endura...that explains everything.:D

    Seriously, maybe you just got a bad one. Let us know how the motorguide works out.

  6. Bassnpro1

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    I have had two motorguide transom mounts fall apart on me, so I would be weary. Both broke the metal pin that keeps the motor in place, so now when you put it in reverse the motor just launches itself out of the water and soaks me. I forgave motorguide once, and got burned
  7. wal mart endura series is no different than if you bought it anywhere else. I was a little skeptical when I first pulled it out of the box anyway. All that plastic with metal screws running through it, and these are the adjustment screws, they will crack or the threads will strip out if they are used too much. The plastic mount dosent slide well on the composite shaft either so when you turn the motor there is resistance from them sticking together. I used to have an older minn kota with metal mount and shaft and I loved it , it was almost indestructable. Ive learned a lesson though, next time I buy minn kota it will be an old one. To those of you who have the newer minn kota's and are happy with them, thats great Im glad its working good for you....Im not trying to knock your motor...I just see such a big difference in the quality lately.
  8. did you try pulling the prop and reversing it? sometimes that can eliminate vibration.