Minerva Fishing?

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  1. I have a small hunting trailer just outside of Minerva. It sits all summer after turkey season. I was wondering if there is a way to develop into a summer fishing camp. All I see is Guilford Lake near by. Atwood is 30 miles or so. Is Highlandtown res. any good? Or any other fishing opportunities near by?

    I'm up against the Sandy River but it doesn't produce anything. I've tried several times with only one medium bass to my credit. Any help?
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    I would wait and hear what Num1fire has to say in response to this. He lives in Minerva. He should know what's around there. Don't know if he grew up there or not, if so, he'll likely know all the spots. I'm sure he'll chime in, if not, send him a pm later. I do know the one creek or stream has some good crappie and bass in it, it runs near the "corner bar" but not sure if it's the Sandy or not, he might know. I've fished it from the Sportmans Club upriver for a couple hours time trolling (don't know how many miles that is?)one year and caught quite a few crappie.

  3. I'm a member of the sportsman club there. I just fished the spillway last week. I went up that river a number of times and never caught anything. Looking for some lake fishing.
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    Wish I could help, but I don't do much fishing in that area accept for the three that you already mentioned. Sorry 'bout that.
  5. The Sandy has pike, big largemouth, and big smallmouth. You have to do some searching, to find the big ones.

    Highlandtown is a good crappie lake and good for numbers of largemouth.
  6. i grew up in minerva and the sandy part that runs thru minerva is no good anymore as a kid could catch 100 fish with a dozen nightcrawlers but the factory down there spilled some chemicals into the creek and no more fish:(
    but if you hit the part of the creek above the minerva sportsmans club you will find some really good fishing.that part is called still fork. probably some of the best bass fishin places ive been to...shhh dont tell anybody...u can get a canoe or real small boat on it.
  7. Thanks BT Joe. I have fished it before. I would float up it and hunt in the mornings (we lease the property against the river from Pearson's), then fish it back in the afternoon. Not much success, but only did it twice!

    Fishing Marshall, Thanks for the report on Highlandtown. Scumfrog and I will probably hit it later this summer. You gunna meet those guys up in Toledo this year?