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Mind must be going

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Live2Fish, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Trying to remember whet the gear ratio of a reel stands for. Is it the number of inches of line retrieved per complete revolution of the handle?
  2. Ðe§perado™

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  3. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    It is the number of revolutions that the spool makes per turn of the handle.
  4. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    Lundy wins the prize on that one....
    Now for $250 who'll take movie stars?
    Number of inches has to do with the diameter of the spool, bigger is more. Two reels with the same ratio & different diameter spools will not pull the same inches. So...a 1:5.21 will rotate 5.21 turns to each turn of the crank. Depending upon the diameter of the spool, say 3", that reel will pull 3 x 5.21...or 15.63" of line...and that will vary some because the diameter gets larger as you spool up. Ever notice that it seems to speed up? It does. ;)
  5. Thanks Lundy and MrFishOhio. I couldn't remember what it stood for.
  6. steelmagoo

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    I'm sure you meant circumference and not diameter. If the spool diameter is 3" (pretty big spool), then the length of line around the spool once is the radius x 2 x pi, or 1.5" x 6.283 = 9.425". One rotation of the handle would pull 5.21 rotations around the spool x 9.425" = 49.1" of line. ;)

    The diameter of a spool with a circumference of 3" is 0.955" (diameter = circumference/pi), or really tiny.
  7. mrfishohio

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    Magoo....You are correct sir !!
    Here I was going for the brass ring too, multiplied it out in my head and all.... ;)
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    magoo,you beat me too it ;)
    guess i shoulda got out of bed sooner :rolleyes: ;)
    back to school for you,jim :D
  9. mrfishohio

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    Diameter...circumference....all Greek to me.