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  1. Headed to Milton with MadMac. Hope to get some bait with trollin plan 2. Let Ya No what we do! Dont see much reports on any lakes. Doesnt anyone fish anymore!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  2. We Trolled All Evening And Only Picked Up A Lil Channel Cat. I Did Not See Anybody Else Out There. Did You Guys Fish By Pointview Or The Dam? When You Guys Go Out There Go To Channel 71 On The Marine Radio, Us Muskie Freaks Communicate On There Always. Well Hope You Had Better Luck Than We Did.

  3. We put in at Pointview. Didn't have much luck with the cast net so we trolled from there to the sunken island up north. Only picked up one eye but was fun anyway. We were out from about 2230 to 0400.
  4. Is the sunken island north of 76?
  5. Thanks..My dad and I were there from about 7:30 to 10:00 trolled south of 18..didnt get anything except a zebra mussel
  6. Seems the night before the fronts work on the north end. Fish were moving up on everything. We marked alot of fish suspended and low.
  7. I went out Saturday, only managed one channel cat. I did mark tons of fish, could not get anything to hit. I and two other boats were drifting when a large speedboat flew right between us, unbelievable. It is also undbelievable to see how many boats fly through areas that are marked NO BOATs. Most of the fish I marked were on dropoffs.

  8. We fished Milton under the 76 bridge one day last week. Picked up one decent crappie and about 14 bluegill. Also had about a 24" channel cat on. Got him to the boat twice but before I could net him, the line broke right at the knot. It was a blast on the ultra-light! Marked a lot of fish at the bridge supports in about 12-14 fow but couldn't interest them. I think they might be white bass.

    I understand that last year, during one of the dnr surveys that they got very few crappies. Have heard speculation as to why the crappie seem to have disappeared. Everything from too many muskies to crappies eating the sand when they last sandblasted the I-beams. I hope the fishing picks up later this month and the fall. But to answer your question, I haven't seen too many fishermen out on the lake this year.
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    jig, at what point will you return to mosquito?
  10. When the weeds die. It being shallow cools off fast too. The fish in Milton are hard to come by. I havent marked to many bigger fish, Hooked a few trollin but most caught were small. 12-18 in fish. Alot of fish hang in the iron because of boat traffic. Tough to get bigger fish out of it. Still the number of fish in Milton is surprizing. Most smaller fish lay tight to something while big fish roam shallower. I wish I could troll 24-7.