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  1. Going to fish off the 18 bridge with worms. Having the day off with no boat is KILLING me!
  2. Went out on Sunday. Trolled from about noon to six or so ...nothin". Might venture to the big water this weekend...

  3. hey jig.....if you want to go to berlin or milton give me a is the time:B
  4. eyepod.barnes

    eyepod.barnes catch me outta Bula.. how bout dat

    just wondering if anyone has been verticle jigging at milton. the usual ice fishing spots usually produce well this time of year. any info would be appreciated
  5. The last I was out there trollin everything was over or in deeper water. I fished from shore and most water foul is at the dam. Only hit a smallie and perch off the 18bridge. The fish I mark in 20-30fow is CRAZY! The small flats off the drops are holding fish.;)
  6. hey jig ...can we still get a boat in at milton?? lets go someday this week
  7. Did they start letting the water out of the tubes yet? Berlin is soooo low and jacked up right now i need to find a new place to hit.
  8. Berlin is LOW! Milton aint bad but going down. I wouldnt use the 18 ramp. Point view is tough to get to the dam when its low. There is humps south of 18 that are pretty shallow. Grandview is nice but itll be impossible for big boats to launch SOON! The concrete only goes to the end of the peirs! From there its 30fow! As far as fishing goes its on the back burner till I get my boat running.:confused: :B