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  1. Ok so Jarett and I have worked Berlin over quite a bit this year and have had some success at WB, we decided to give Milton a run. After the Unbelievable boat traffic let up a bit we did manage two walleye at dark. Seems like with the water being dropped from Berlin the boaters were in a panic to get to Milton. WOW was it busy! Even had some nut wakeboarding into the night ...well into the night. I thought he was nuts! I spoke to a guy at the dock who said the night before a guy took some 30 + (that is how many not the size) Muskie out the night before...said he saw them himself! What a shame if it was true. I asked him how big they were and he motioned with his hands to be at about the 24 to 30 inch mark. Said one did not have a tail left. Sounded odd to me at best.
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    man if its true i hope he gets nailed next time. guy probably doesnt even have a license let alone obey the one fish per day law...enforcement out there is pretty bad..people never believe me when i tell them stories like that. there is still plenty of people than dont believe in catch and release down there or at west branch,berlin. etc... the sadness continues..

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    Been fishing for muskie for many years never had a 30 fish day. I did have a 30 fish week once. This sounds like a fish story to me someone just trying to stir the pot. But even if he kept 1 or 2 small ones that too many. I don’t mind someone keeping a trophy but always release the little guys
  4. Tough getting one let alone 30 in a day! Eyes yes muskie no. Dont get me wrong alot of guys here getting multi fish a day but...
  5. i have fished musky at milton twice a wk. in 2007/2008, May until steelhead time in late Sept. many a day of 8 hr. trolling without a catch. many a day of short strikes, no hook-up. Boated 6 in 2007, so far 4 in 2008. they don't come easy. i know I'm not the best, but i know I'm not the worst. please go to Giant Eagle & buy some fish. let the musky's go. thank you.
  6. yeah, that's a "fish story", for sure! Like the one a good, old friend of mine told me about catching (7) 17-18" walleye at Mogadore one evening many years back! I didn't question it, just figured he had a brain burp!!-or one too many chilled ones.
  7. I was asked if I was Bsing you guys about this report in a personal message from a fellow OGFer and here is my response...Nope got no reason whatsoever to post it other than that is what the guy said. I specifically asked him twice and he said the same thing. He even said that the guy claimed to have caught them up the river by the cat tails, near the next bridge. I have to believe his claim was bs also, but I posted it here because IF there is someone pulling that kind of crap I think more people should be looking for it so it can be stopped. Posted for no other reason than that. I have turned in poachers before and would again in a heartbeat. So take it for what it is worth and no more.

    Dock was the one right at the mouth of the river. My son and I came off the water at about 10:00 with two Walleye. The guy was fishing off of the left dock with his girlfriend. He asked how we did, I told him and said one of the guys we spoke to on the lake told us he had caught a muskie the evening before. He then told me,..."ya this guy last night came off the lake with a bunch of muskies...30 some and one did not have much of a tail left". I questioned his "30 some" and he replied "I saw them myself" I asked how big they were and he gave us the "oh about this big" holding his hands up to about the 2 foot plus or so mark. We finished loading the boat and went home. Since I had just told him we had caught 2 walleye and he specically said muskie I think he meant muskie. But I still am with you that it was question would be by how much! My son and I have caught 2 muskies this year. One at WB and one at Berlin. Both were still alive and doing well at release. 41 inch AND A 43 INCHER.

    I have only been after muskie for the last two years and have caught 3 all together, so I too think he was well ...wrong about the numbers.