Milton Wednesday

Discussion in 'Muskie & Pike Discussions' started by bubba k, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. fished Milton yeaterday for the fisrt time with no luck......we tried everything from depth raiders to jakes to swim whizes.....we spent most of the first 3 hours (4:00-7:00) that we were there exploring....we eventually settled on the best stretch of water that we found for the last few was from Robinson's point to just north of the beach, but still we had no hits......we marked a TON of fish especially off Robinson's Point......I'll definately be buddies boat isn't really rigged for musky.....we're still learning. The boat itself is perfect (16 ft. welded aluminum Monarch), but the set-up isn't yet. It sucks because we can only run two rods at a time (one each) because he has Pole Locks rod holders. It's tough transitioning from walleye and bass to musky. We're still learning, but I'm pretty psyched!