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  1. well try milton today by pointview and caught 2 eyes one was 14 1/2 inchs and the other was a 21 inch pig my pb for milton aslo caught a perch that was 12 and a cat that was like 17 but it was a pretty good day had ton of hit just coundnt hook em all fish were caught on 1/16 jig and minnow ghad somthing on that bit through our line probly a muskie or big eye milton should be on fire in about a week water temp was 54 all fish were caught in 6-8 ft
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    Good job. Hope to be getting that way before long. How was the water level?

  3. Try a small stinger hook in the tail of that minnow. That's why guys will be using them soon up at Turtle Creek in L. Erie. Sounds like you were into those famous "jumbos" at Miltie-just trying to feed them a little more than they can "nip" in one bite.
  4. lol i will try that c j but they are up to normal perfict