Milton - Sunday 4/27

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  1. Trolled Milton again this morning till about 2:00. What a nice day, huh? Dad and I got 25-30eyes(lost count) but only 5 keepers. A few other fish including 2 cats (one pretty nice), a smallmouth, a white bass, a perch, and a carp. All trolling small cranks in 5 to 7 feet of water. A good day on the water.
  2. Sounds like a great day to me. I always liked a lot of action.

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    Great mixed bag of fish. I would take that day anytime. Sounds like Milton maybe in the plans very soon.
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    I was out there Sat. morning and caught one small 'eye, a smallie about 14", a 2 lb channel cat and a 12" crappie. I lost one large fish, species uknown, when it managed to get the line up against my outboard. I turned him once but he took off again and that was it. It stayed down like a big walleye but could of been a carp or decent sized musky.
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    Not asking specifics here, but what general area were you trolling? I was there both Fri and Sat but saw very little trolling going on. Mainly because it seems to me, that most fish are still shallow and in close. I realize you're fishing shallow, but are you in close? On a good note, my buddy who had never caught a muskie nor had he ever fished Milton caught a 32" Muskie.(By the way Esox, I ask you because of your name here) Any idea what the appoximate weight would be for that? It looked pretty healthy. Got pics in my photos, don't know how to post it here. Anyhow, both days we were catching walleyes, along with lots of white bass, a few large crappie and a few odd fish too....smallies and cats!
  6. Snake, Just west of the pointview ramp parking lot is a bar/hump that alot of people drift over. I hate to drift so I troll all around it. On the top it's 3.5ft or so. I stay just off the edges around 5 or 6 ft. I may get closer to shore around that island just north of the pointview area but generally out off of those humps. A healthy 32"er (Milton muskies tend to be very chunky from what I have seen) should be 13-14 pounds or so.
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    Yes I know the area. In fact as we were leaving, it was raining, when I came around the point, I saw 6-8 boats drifting, so I tried it twice. Started in the 5-6' you mentioned clear over into the 3' depth. As for the weight question, my buddy is off work for a back injury and on a weight restriction, so we were curious what it would weigh as I didn't take my scale! Thanks for both answers!!
  8. Dont see alot of fish caught jigging out there. Me and a guy on the dam end got a few trollin yesterday while the drifters and jiggers watched. Pulled one off boards at night in open water also. Lost 2 behind the boat in 15fow over 30. ALOT of fish out there! Just wish I could spend some day time trollin the dam water. Not alot of fish in on that end. Most suspended.:B