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Milton Siunday evening--Stupido!!!

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by c. j. stone, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Thought with the overcast, looking like it might storm at any minute, skies late yesterday evening, I would go to Milton to try for some perch and walleye. Figured by 6 or 7, majority of the dam jet-skis would be gone and most of the sun-worshippping wave makers would have gone home to eat supper! NOT!!! Anyways, I figured sooner or later they would leave and the churned up lake would lay down a bit, so I launched the boat. Went to areas I thought would not be disturbed!! NOT! Actually had them drive (at speed), inside the No Wake buoys, between me and shore!! Whoever invented them things(jet skies), should be drawn and quartered! They are a bigger menance than the locusts in the Bible! The DNR should set aside a small area where they can only ride them and let them crash into each other and harrass the h--- out of each other!! Never again a inland lake on a weekend!! What was I thinking??(ps-Caught two baby channel cats-went home PO'd, kicked the cats, and yelled at the wife.)
  2. That is why most of my trips this time of the year are either real early in the morning or preferably to get there just a bit before dark and spend the nighttime hours on the lake. I really find that relaxing not needing to compete for water space with other boats/jet skis.

  3. WB185Ranger

    WB185Ranger Gotta Love Odie!

    Amen to that c.j.!!!! :) WB
  4. Thats Why I Dont Fish The Ya-hoo Lakes West Branch Milton Etc P.s I Dont Like Cats Either
  5. i went sunday to lots of boat trafic from bass people too but not likt this one skie er that got about 30 feet from our boat only caught a walleye and a bass and a saved a baby bird that fell in the water
  6. You should of been at Milton around 9:00 am...That was really fun..The DNr need to step up the patrolling of the lakes and enforce the laws..We had a jet ski doing laps around us..Boy I was I had a gun on board..Or a torpedo.. I managed to catch a carp on a shap rap..that was a first..
  7. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    They probably say the same thing about fishing boats. I've never felt harrassed by a jet skier. Maybe if I had been, I would feel different.

    The way I see it, they paid thousands of dollars for their toy, as I did for my boat. They paid for registration and OH numbers, as I did for my boat. They seem to be having a lot of fun on their jet skies, or waverunners, as I do on my boat.
  8. Yes, but after awhile, all that sitting on the boat with all the waves makes me a little bit green. This is why I stay mostly on the electric lakes. I don't think I'll make it up to Erie, either.

    PS - Poor wife, poor cats... : )
  9. I watched 3 jet skiers fly by several boats out by the crib a couple weeks ago. The fisherman were trolling with boards out. The idiots on the ski's almost ran over the boards. These guys were moving out, too. There is a definate need for enforcement of reckless operators out there. There was no need to get that close to the boats, other to try to push someones buttons. Lake Erie, in particular, is plenty big enough where issues like this shouldnt be a concern. There needs to be designated areas for speed boating and clear no wake zones and enforcement on the inland lakes. It is a shame there are morons like that out there, but... There is a clear difference in someone who is out enjoying their watercraft and those who just want to screw with someone.

    It's kind of like the individuals who like to crank up the bass in their car or home, in a residential neighborhood. Self centered people who dont care how their behavior affects others, or who didnt get enough attention as a child.
  10. Is there any clear rule or law that if a boat is not under power, "ie drifting or anchored" the amount of space or speed that a passing boat must respect? Of coures the rule is probably reasonable for the circumstances, but is there anything else.
  11. Lake Erie is big enough for everyone to find a place to do their thing with the possible exception of the launches. I think the jets congregate there to be "seen"! I never have really had a problem on the big lake. It's just the inland lakes that seem to attract the ski boat and jet nuts and also seems, for some reason, to bring out pent up aggression in those. Running across my trolling line within 15-20 yds. is just too damned close in my opinion. A little later I had two large IO's come up from behind and make a SeaNympth sandwich out of me Sunday-and got quite a ride for a bit. Maybe night fishing is the best choice although I swear they were still at it when I headed in at dusk.
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    The Ohio River is another good choice. Never seen a jet ski there yet!!:) And plenty of big fish!:B
  13. Went to Milton Sunday morning. I expected to be blown off the lake by 10:00 or 11:00 by the jet skiers. To my suprise, they didn't show up in force until about 1:00 when we were already off the lake. Kind of a nice suprise.

    Didn't do too well. A couple of bluegills and 4 crappie. 2 of the crappie were over 11". OF course any day fishing is better than a day at work.
  14. snag


    i,ve been in that same situation at milton yrs ago rock/rollin from the speedy boats we talked with a guy at the ramp and he goes out after dark and fishes for smallies and said he does pretty good,nice and cool and no traffic,something to try i guess.......


    I Used To Fish With An Old Timer That Kept A Mukie Rod With A 12 Inch Grandma Lure Tied On, Just To Get The Attention Of The Jet Skiers When They Started Getting To Close.
  16. If I reach my goal of the state record muskie at WB I'm going to plaster pics of it all over the ramps. lol Maybe it will send some of them over to Portage.