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    My buddies Scott's 1st Ohio Muskie...Hit Milton this morning at 6:30 am ..Had this girl on at 6:35 am. Hit a Ernie in 8 fow on Channel edge..Not to hard to see where this one was caught. Did a very nice jump three ft from the boats edge. Heard the hooks rattle when she jumped.. What a rush just watching my bud reel this in . Gave me a nice tail splash as she swam away ..

  2. nice the one in my pic is from milton not as big though thats a biggen!

  3. mirrocraft mike

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    Wish we would have me measured her..Just wanted to get her back in the water quickly. Any thoughts on her size ?? We were thinking 38/40 inches maybe larger ? They seem to grow after you release them :p
  4. ya id say 38 to 40 to my biggest one ive ever caught was about 33 in the one in the pic. I hooked on to like a 40+ inch but I pointed my pole at em and he got off would like to catch a bigger one though hopefully soon!
  5. Wow Mirro, great catch!! I bet Scott was pumped up!!! That one was a little nicer than the one you caught when you and I were out there huh?? ;)

    Great fish Scott!!!
  6. Nice fish gents. At 6:35 am, that's quite a wake up call!
    Glad to see the river bends continue to produce nice muskie.

    Head shot
  7. Nice one Scottie!!! I bet that was an awesome fight!

    Mike B.
  8. .. 32-34....36" tops..
    they are all nice though regardless of size.
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    There's one in every crowd:p YES its a LITTLE nicer since WE didn't get one .. Yes Scott was a happy camper ..He even joined the site just so he can see his picture.. LOL Whats up Scott Muskie got your tongue :p
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    That's a 34" fish.
    Nice 1st!
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    great job mike. i gotta get out there to milton one day.:(
  12. Hey thanks for the commets. Wow what a Blast!!!!!!!!! She was alot of fun,especialy when she waved good bye and splased water in our face AOL
  13. Nice job Mike and Scott. I guess you finally got tired of catchin' those Atwood cigars and had to come to a real lake. Just kidding. Did you guys musky fish the whole time, or did you look for the 'eyes at all? I couldn't get anything going there last week.
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    Hey Beau Thanks
    LOL Good One :) Going to Atwood on Thursday my friend maybe I'll find a cuban cigar this trip ... We mainly stuck to trolling for ski's but did do a little trolling for eyes also. No luck on them. The few guys i talked to on eyes had no luck Saturday or they were withholding info. Didn't see any nets going in the water though . Yeah I'm starting to like Milton ..You got me started on this place .. Didn't go into the river this trip ... Hope to see ya on the water soon..
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    Great work Mike and Scott!

    Hey Wickford... let's take my rig back out to Leesville next week!