milton monday 4/28

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  1. man am i glad me and my dad oput onm the rain grea and headed out in the boat we caught about 25-30 of thoose little 13inch walleye the biggest just under 15 lol everything was on greentwisters tipped with a small peace of worm caught a few on glass shad raps and silver hotentots to but the jig got most we also go a nice 14 inch smallie while trolling on a glass shad rap
    but ohh yea we were drifting and slam i hooked somthing huge man i though i had a walleye of a lifetime on to reel it in and find out i had a 27 inch carp on i was so mad lol but still a great fight but all in all it was a fun time only was out their for 2 1/2 hours
  2. Nothin like pullin fish! Eye or carp! Congrats on the fine catch!:B

  3. yea thxs i saw like 2 other boats out man was it cold today and the water temp was 61 and we caught all fish in 5-9ft of water
  4. Now that I got a bit bigger boat it is tough to get in tight any more. Still fun to run boards by shore guys but they dont like it. Not much room out there for them during the day. Boards that is!
  5. went out today 4/29 and man was it tough had a few bites but only caught 1 walleye 15 inchs it had just to much chop today if you ask me
  6. its been up and down.theres a good trip then a okay one.patterns keep changing for me from week to week.not so much the structure but what theyre wanting.been getting a mixed bag of everything tho