Milton last night

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JIG, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Left at 10pm for some night action. Fish moved in by midnight and out by 3am. Pulled 8 smallies and 12 eyes. Some fish caught casting cranks shallow but they were not in long but was one after another for and hour or so.

  2. Good Job Bob,
    No encounters with the BIG toothed fish??
  3. I think I had one hook up the other night but it broke off.:B Hit at 10fow on a board.
  4. leadcorebean

    leadcorebean Charter Captain

    awsome job jig!!!!! i miss fishing belin.
  5. Good job Bobby. Why won't they bite like that on the weekends? Did you use heavier leaders?
  6. BigDaddy300

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    Very nice Bob! I like that lake, have to get there soon. Tried to send you a PM but your box was full. Did you clean it out yet?
  7. They must be 9 to 5'ers, like the sheep dog and sheep on Looney Toons. Mornin Ralph.....Mornin Ed.;)
  8. Yeah, we went out Saturday night. Bobby lost what we think was a nice muskie and I landed a smallie. That was it, only two hits.
  9. what part of milton do you fish on?