Milton last night

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  1. Hit the north end again for four hours. Started slow at 10pm and picked up by midnight. Got 4 white bass,4 eyes and a cat. The eyes come out of open water and the rest off of 10fow. ALOT of bass/cats hittin the surface and marked :B deeper in 30fow at 16. Still at that depth I only can mark the bigger fish once. After the gas goes by they move. Makes for good board fishin!

  2. nice job on the eyes..i picked up 2 one 16'' and the other a beafy 17'', 1 shad and a rock..yes thats right a rock..saw 2 guys around 7:00 said they got 10 ( at least thats what i thought he said) Jig by the way what were you using? I found out that the DT 10's run about 15' deep with 100' of line out..
  3. Fat Free Fingerlings. Look just like a DT. Im only running 40 out to get to 12.
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    Nice eyes jig. That don't sound right . Nice walleyes jig . Guess i choose the wrong lake last night. Sounds like LATE is the best time for Milton . I'm i correct by saying Milton is best at night ?
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    Still need to hook up with Beau before deer season takes over my time .Glad to hear your still picking up a few . Hope you practiced CnR on that rock. I heard you can't tell the differance between a glass mount and a real rock
  6. Yep, It went back in hardly had it out of the water..Hopefully it made it..LOL
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    Sorry at first i thought you were Beau aka dtigers1984 :confused: . Well your sign ons are close dtigers1984 and twd67 :eek: . Man i need to go fishing
  8. Thats ok Mike, I've chatted with Beau too..I need to go too..I might go tomorrow..Not sure about this cold front..Jig who makes the fat free fingerlings?
  9. I'm heading out Friday afternoon, if the weather cooperates. I think I have an extra seat if anyone has the afternoon free. Looking to fish from about 1-8 pm if anyone is interested.
  10. Bommer and Manns makes them. The evening bite shouldnt be too bad but the mornings will be glassed out with alot of steam. That will give you a bigger window that they hit. Becareful out there!
  11. Is that a really BIG net-or a seine? Just busting chops, Jig!!
    Nice job. Been to WB lately?