Milton 9/23

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    Sorry for the late post. Went on Sunday afternoon and went up the river looking for muskie. I landed 1 at 36" on a super shad rap in firetiger. He came on a short line over 9 fow. I then went towards the dam and tried to find the walleye. I ended up catching 5 trolling hot n tots in the 15' depths. Nothing big but they were all around 14" to 15". I didn't check them because I wasn't keeping on this trip.

    I did however have to double check on to where I was fishing because of how many undersized fish I saw put in coolers by different people. I thought I was back at Mosquito fishing around the Amish. It really is upsetting watching people do this.
  2. That is sad to hear! One of the reasons I release mine. Those bigger eyes are rare. Like to be out there now though!:D

  3. Big Daddy, What color, size hot-n-tots? how much line did you have out?Thanks..Terry

    p.s. Jig you said that youy werent marking any fish..Does your sonar tell you what kind of fish are down there? I was marking lots of fish, just dont know what they were..
  4. Trolled from 6:30 to 10 pm tonight. Only had one bite but it was a nice one. Nice fat 24" 'eye came in open water north of 76. 1/2 oz hot-n-tot 80' behind an inline board, 50' off the boat. Good luck.
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    Gottta love those 20's . Havn't been to Milton lately ,but glad to here your picking up a few .The call of the woods is taking over this weekend.
  6. Nice catch on the eye..I was skunked Sunday..I tried everything..I may have to break out the lake erie boards..Dont want to cause they are kinda big..What color were you using?
  7. I was using the fire-tiger tot (small) and gettin nice fish in the top ten feet. Wether I was trollin on something or just in open water areas. Now that the season(short days and dropping water) are here the fish went down in 15-25. Havent looked deeper yet but the night bite is still there. I switched to the 1/2 oz fire-tiger tot to get her down and BANG! Itll be a good trollin lake once it rolls over.