Milton 9-13

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  1. Well fished Milton this morning, got a late start around 9 I think..Trolled mostly north of 76..I ended up catching my first muskie, it was around 24'' even jumped 3 or 4 times..Then caught a cat aroung 15..And that was it..Planning on hitting it real early tomorrow..
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    Congrats on your first Muskie and a added bonus on the tail walking show. Still waiting on my first Ohio ski. Been lucky to have caught a few in Canada but never in Ohio yet:D I'm finally starting to put a little effort toward that challenge. Good luck today

  3. Congrats on the muskie. I had a 27" break water and try to throw the lure right back at me about a month ago under 76 bridge. What a blast. I'll be heading out this afternoon, probably not till about 1. I'll keep my eyes peeled looking for a black lab. Good luck.
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    You guys are killing me fish ,fish ,fish ,fish Thats all you do . I'm stuck at work reading about you all going fish. Speaking of i better get off line .Walking out the door this morning Fishing or being in a tree was the first thing that came to mind. That cool morning air will do that to you . Heck what I'm i say any morning will do that to you
  5. I haven't fished in a while, been too busy:( .
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    I shouldn't complain. Been luckly enough to get out at least once a week. Some folks don't get that . I'm just giving these two the business wishing i was the one posting about going

    T.C. if you get out take a couple of casts for me. Maybe one day will meet up
  7. Well I have the extra time now that I'm laid off..Sure is fun but the pay out this morning at 7:00 only one in the pointview lot..Caught a 14'' eye on the south end of the lake about 7:20 thought it was going to be a really good day.. trolled up north of 76 only saw a few boats..when I decided to call it a day I trolled back down, caught a cat between the bridges..There was a decent chop on the water. probably should of been drifting..Then trolled back down by the south end of the lake and hooked something big..The only thing I said was " AWE CRAP" not sure what it was but I pulled like a horse..Thought ski, but didnt see any teeth marks in the lure..Anyway was off the water by 12:00 Good luck everyone..I probably wont get back out till maybe sunday..For sure next week though.. Terry
  8. I was out there last night for a few. Only two eyes and a few pull backs. Eyes came at 10 opm and light bites after. Plan on hittin it in the AM/Steam. Marked ALOT of bigger fish on the north end in 15-20fow.
  9. Fished from 3-8 pm yesterday. Not a bite until about 6:30, and then caught three, with only one being a keeper. Trolling 8-10 feet deep. Wanted to stay out longer, but did not dress warm enough. It was already down to 49 degrees when we left.
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    Went yesterday....took 2 of the kids. (11am till 3pm) Probably why my luck was so bad. Don't really have time to fish with them aboard. Managed one nice cat about 750ft from the ramp. Oh well, good to take the kids out.