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Milton 8-29 (Night Bite)

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JIG, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Picked up 3 nice eyes plus one :B that come off at the boat! Pulled boards till 4am and marked a ton of bait but had to look for fish! Amazing on how allusive fish are. One minute theres a bunch! The next,thier GONE!
  2. I think we passed you out at milton. Fished from midnight to 4 am and caught one keeper. I think you were the only other trailor at the launch in the river when we had to take a break. Went to McDonalds and came back to fish around 6 am and caught 11 keepers in the next four hours. Probably threw back another 10 that were short. Not huge, but had 4 over 20". I always thought walleye were supposed to bite at night, but that was not the case this time. I need to get a digital camera.

  3. Good too hear you got some fish! Hit it again last and got 8 trollin:T Lost 2:B when they hit the surface. All were on white cranks in 12 over 30. Open water bite!;)
  4. Good job, My dad and I must be doing something wrong..We trolled for 5 hours today and only picked up 1 eye..and it was 14.5'' any suggestions? Thanks..Terry
  5. If I was fishin during the day I would be on the feeder end or deep at the dam pullin lead. Youll mark fish deep but not shallow. I got a couple eyes last weekend trollin 12fow south of 18. I like trollin at 1.75 so its a SLOW roll with big body cranks. ALOT of bait in that lake so match the hatch.
  6. Thats where we usually fish..How far back are you? I put out about 100' We killed them there in the spring but its been slow since..And what time do you go out? Thanks..Terry
  7. Got out for about two hours on Saturday and I could not find the 'eyes like we did Thursday morning. Caught one short walleye and one catfish. Thought I got hung in a tree, and it ended up being a 39" 20+ pound musky. Managed to stuff it in way too small of a net without a leader by myself. Snapped a couple pictures and got her back in the water. My personal best, by mistake. Only guessing it was 20+ because I watched another boat land and weigh one that went 18 pounds. They said it was their third of the day. Also, when I left saw one nice walleye boated, maybe mid 20"er. It also seemed like they had the gates completely closed on Berlin, probably for the holiday weekend. Good luck.
  8. Went out last night for a few hours. 3 eyes and 1 white fish. Started strong at dark with 3 in 15min then nothin till the steam rolled in. Marked alot of fish but they wouldnt move. All fish on a white DT 20 feet back. The white bass come out of open water and the eys in 10fow. Think the cold front got them tight to the bottom.
  9. mirrocraft mike

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    Dam dude you been tearing it up lately .Nothing like landing a Ski by yourself. My legs started to shaking the first time i did it. Mine was a mistake also Throwing a jig in shallows Crappie fishing .Will never forget that day . Congrats agian .Can't wait for Milton Monday
  10. You guys ever catch any shad in milton? I caught 2 last night..that was a first for me..