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Milton 7-14

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BigDaddy300, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    We fished Milton yesterday and the eyes were tough. We did get a late start. That may have contributed to the tough bite. We tried trolling, drifting, and casting and got bites doing each in all depths. The late start did however give me the opportunity to help some one get there boat started. He was a musky fisherman and for helping he gave me a musky bait.:D Anyways the catfish and perch kept us busy until we decided to try :T for musky. Only had 1 rip and that was it. The water temp ranged from 75 to 77 degrees in the main lake and we hit 69 degrees in the river. The wind sure was blowing. We did see a boat run into another at the ramp trying to drive onto the trailer. We also realized how many people don't pay attention to the no wake areas:mad: Even though it didn't turn out to be a good bite, it sure was a nice day on the water and we had a good time.:)
  2. Sounds like you enjoyed your self! I was out there last night with the same results. Only trolled and didnt mark anything in less than 12ft. Most over open water. Worth pullin lead on! Still a nice night with the wind and all.

  3. We were out Saturday morning before the party boaters. Nothing good to report. Mostly we sat under the rt.76 bridge with minnows, maggots and crawlers. Had one really good hit before it broke the line and picked up a couple of bluegills, perch and white bass. Drifting didn't produce anything either. I was with a new guy. Fellow that I taught with. He just retired and is looking for a way to spend some of his new found free time. I just don't see him really getting into fishing though.