Milton 5/16

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  1. Trolled flicker shads and hot n tots north of I 76. 4 cats ,10 walleye only 4 were keepers, 5 small white bass ,4 small smallmouth,1 perch and 1b- gill, Fun day.
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    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Sounds like fun. As long as you're catching something it keeps your interest.

  3. Well done! What size shad #6 or #7? Cant beat the old hot n tot.
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    you have a picture of the 1lb gill?!?!
  5. They are there, 3 sknny 16’s and 2 nice ones lost at boat. Jigs crawlers no tails. My story anyway. Still Not a stellar spring. Morning may be good. We’ll see!!!
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  6. 0520181752.jpg Trolled some flickers and hot an tots today got 4 small eyes 6 white bass no keeper but to nice of a afternoon to waist. #6 shad pink an black did the most of the work And this little monster couldn't even pull the flag down.
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    I think that’s the same fish I caught yesterday!
  8. Nice thing about the tots are that they last forever, especially the originals. That is one crank I pick up at the flea market all the time with no worries. Newer plastic baits need more tuning as they get worn and I have a few Flickers that are beyond tuning.

    But give me a crusty 15 year old HnT and a little touch of paint and its good for another 15 years.
  9. +1 on the old hot n tots. I swear the action is a lot more "wobbley" on the old ones. Lol I was very lucky a few years ago and bought a box full of them off ebay. I believe the listing said "Grandpa's old tackle box" or something. It had about 20 or 25 mixed large and small ones, mostly large ones in the picture. I immediately paid $15 for em replaced the hooks and use em on Erie. Actually got a nice one yesterday with one off Cleveland with a big yellow one.
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    Wow Will Yak For Food

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    Look on ebay for some of the prices bassers pay for the old wiggle-warts from storm. They say the wobble is different than the new ones. Probably the same for H&T
  12. We normally put in at Pointview and head North towards SR18 bridge, if you watch the fish finder, look for the drop off for the river channel. The walleye are normally on the drops and we just drift fish over them.
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