milton 4/23/08

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  1. well me and my dad hi up mitlton yesterday started off drifting at point view and my dad caught a about 10 inch walleye on a green twister tiped with a minne and then for abut a hour nothing so we decided to try the few coves in milton for crappy nothing not a fish did have a few hits but thats it
    i i decied to try somthing new fly all the way down to the milton beach and troll the out side of the net things and as soon as we started to toll i caught a nice 16 1/2 inch white bass and then we trolled the damn wall and nothing i was supprized i rrealy though we would have caught somthing along that damn then we shot back up up to point view and started to drift again and caught a 5inch white bass and a 13inch perch and had about 4 fish take our jigs as soon as we hooked them a clean cut it must have been a walleye or muskie also i had a fish hit a minnow a take the skin right off it anyone know what that might have been but we were trolling glass shad raps and drifting plain jig a minnow and jig and twisters but the lake temps are 62 on the main lake but it was fun might go out again real soon will post pics of walleye and white bass soon