Milton 11/7/04

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  1. goin fishin and I went to Milton yesterday. We fished for about 4 1/2 hrs and came home empty handed. We arrived around 1:00 and fished till 4:30. I did have one real good crappie on but then got off before I got it to the boat! There was some sort of bass tourney going on and couple of the guys said they were doing ok.

    Milton appears to be about 2 foot low at most. Water temps were 52 degrees.

    It sure was a nice day out there.
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    I think whitaker had is last fall tourney up there.

  3. A Bad Day Fishing Is Better Than A Good Day At Work! Better Luck Next Time Bill! The Dnr Said They Started To Let The Water Down Last Month At The Rate Of 1 In A Day. 6 Ft By The End Of Dec. Thats Alot Of Water! Most Of These Lakes Seem To Produce A Pretty Good Night Bite In The Fall If The Waters Clear. Levels Down A Couple Feet Means The Banks Are Releasing The Bait And Fish Are On The Move! Ill Have To Talk To Whitaker. Thanks Bob! :)