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  1. how many of you guys fish miller lake behind bobs lake bar? ive fished it a couple times that lake scares the crap out of me even though i hear great reports of guys fishing it every year. i heard theres alot of springs in there. i always see a ton of guys fishin there though. ive done good but i always shy away from it due to the springs in it. can anyone elaborate on the springs or anything about that lake?
  2. I've fished it several times last couple of years. Done fairly well. Lot of dinks, but plenty of nicer ones too.

    I've heard about the springs. Based on my experiences, I believe it! Heard they were more on the west side of the lake, away from Main St. and more across from Dano's than Bob's.

    One time I went out, the ice on Main St. side was 5" but only 3" on the west side across the lake. Although not crystal clear, the water on the far side is significantly clearer than on the Main St. side.

    I've always drilled plenty of check holes as I've walked around till I had a pretty good idea of conditions. I don't believe that you need to be afraid to go out there, but you can't be carefree about it either. There does appear to be springs there and appropriate caution needs to be taken.

    It does seem to be one of the last lakes to freeze over and earliest to open up in the spring. Others with more experience there can probably give you more specifics.

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    IF4LIFE......I've got an old history fishing of my "BUD'S" lives on it.....and it's right in his back yard.....I'll tell you, when you....I....and tmerk get together....See ya soon......Jon Sr.
  4. mrphish you are leaving us all hanging! Now we are left to just guess what's happening out there. And let me tell you some of the things running though my mind that you guys might be doing our there aren't even legal in this state! :)
  5. My ice fishing experiences at Miller have all been good at first ice. When the ice gets over 6", the fish in Miller always seemed to shut off. I've never did good out there during mid-season or late-season ice.
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    SummersOff.....I'm not real sure that at my age........the terms....state(as in, state of mind) and legal(as in, was that light really "RED") are appropriate to use in the same sentence....Sorry have to run....Hear foot steps headed my way from down the hall. I peeked quickly around around the door and one of them is carrying a strange looking "jacket".......kinda white/beige....has a lot of buckles/straps.....and really longggggggggg sleeves....Bye now. PS. As for the fishing thing ( if memory serves me right) you talk of .....guess you'll have to tag along with some of us out there this ice season....and yes thanks for the concern of my mental fitness........Jon Sr.
  7. I love it mrphish have a great ice season....hope it starts soon!
  8. thanks for all the info guys. mr. im lookin forward to it no doubt. another question for a different part of the lake.....has anyone ever fished on the south side of the main st. bridge where the goodyear boat/yacht club is? ive always thought about goin in there but never have done it. never seen anyone over there before.