Millenium Operating System Programs

Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by Ruminator, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    For the Millenium OS what are the latest usable versions of:
    -Adobe Flashplayer
    -Windows MediaPlayer

    Thanks. ;)
  2. fish master

    fish master 2005 senior member

    milleneum os is opcalete so i dont think u can even get the updated drivers but good luck..

  3. fade2black

    fade2black USMC 93-01

    Sometimes Win98 drivers work, but good luck finding anything that works with an OS that is 10 years old. Save yourself the headaches and upgrade to at least XP. Windows ME was probably the WORST OS Microsoft ever released.
  4. My .02 cents Vista is absolute worst followed by Millenium ( ME ). XP has been their best so far.

    Will stay with XP until I hear whats up with Windows 7 the newcomer this fall.
  5. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    I'm going to say, it depends on what type of user you are and what Vista you have.

    Me of course disagree with your statement. I've been using Vista Business at work and just bought a new laptop with Vista Business on it. I love it.. Stable, No Leaks, No Problems... I haven't had to reboot my computer in 2 weeks now... Solid as a rock...

    Windows 7 will be nice - but its just a better version of Vista. I've used it and I like it... I have my copy of 7 pre ordered and when its ready to go public HP will ship me my copy for free...
  6. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    My new lappy has Vista home basic on it and I haven't had one problem with it, except those annoying pop up boxes asking me if I started the action, click ok...I really have to find the disable button for that. :)