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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BennyLovesSaugeyes, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know if you catch any fish in Mill Creek inside of Marysville?

    The creek looks nice, like a heaven for smallies and good sized panfish with all the cover.

    The creek starts north of raymond, goes thru the heart of marysville, then ends in Ostrander at a three point intersection of creeks.

    Any help is appreciated. I just moved to Marysville 6 months ago, and i don't want to waste the time fishing in a creek that has no good game fish to catch.

  2. Harbor Hunter

    Harbor Hunter Ranger188

    I don't want to get into trouble-lol! I'll just say I've done well on a couple of stretches.

  3. gee thanks for the useful info! Oshay does feed to the stream past ostrander. So I would figure some parts would have fish.
  4. pizza


    there are native northern pike in there. So tasty on a hoagie roll with a little horsey sauce, lettuce and tomato.
  5. FOSR

    FOSR name of Alex

    Mill Creek empties out into oshay at Bellepoint, where Rt. 42 crosses the Scioto.
  6. exactly. so I would figure some fish would make it up there? maybe I'm wrong.

    I've seen a few kids down there throwing bobbers.
  7. You will not know until you try. If their is water then their is fish. Good luck you will need it,lol
  8. is Mill creek some running joke that I'm not getting?
  9. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    heheh. I hear it's great for chubs. You wanna go catfishin, then catch ya some chubs in the creek and have a ball.


  10. I'd meet up with you and try it someday when the water clears up.
  11. I've caught smallies where Mill Creek flows next to the cemetary in Ostrander. I've never fished upstream from Ostrander. I would do Catch and Release only from that stream. Several fish kills have occured, over the years, from pestisides and fertilizers leaching from landfills on the Scott's property.
  12. I've been reading up on Mill Creek. I think I'll stay away. Ohio EPA has a huge report on water quality for mill creek in the marysville area. Not exactly an area I want to fish since i can keep fish from that body of water.

    I was just interested in finding a body of water near me. Delaware is 30 miles, Indian Lake is 33 miles, Griggs Res. is 27 miles, Scioto Park is 24 miles, and the double secret alum creek location is 40 miles from me.

    Would be nice to find an area to fish near Marysville.
  13. pizza


    Griggs and Scioto Park are just a dilluted Mill Creek. mmmmmm Scott's fertilizer.....
  14. Part of me wants to help a brutha out but I don't want to see a bunch of iced down smallies in your avatar.....
  15. why not??? smallies are delicious!!! I love them, you should try them. It's not like they're Jesus' lil brother or something... Smallies are just FISH :p, not like they're on the endangered species list or anything.

    If you choose not to help because I legally fish ohio waters to eat fish, then so be it, and thanks for the advice!!! I was mostly asking if people caught fish in Mill Creek. Also, Please catch and release those smallies so I can get my frying pan up on them!!!!
  16. Has nothing to do with the legality of it. Has everything to do with the difficult spawning success of RIVER smallmouth and the adverse nature of bieng in a river (i.e. the below mentioned fish kills, poor fertilizer practices, pesticides running into streams, etc...)
    You're right. They're just fish. And I like catching them. I'd like for my kids to have an opportunity to catch them also. And we keep our fair share of fish, just not smallies from streams.
    I'd rather watch my son catch a mess of smallmouth and toss them back to be caught again, then eat an OK, at best, meal of fish and contribute to the depletion of the resource.
    But maybe after reviewing your fish totals, I dunno what I'm worried about.
    Now go write some LISP routines or something.....
  17. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    Since when are you concerned about a little pollution in the water? In one of the other threads you previously "scoffed" at the notion that there was sewage in the O'Shaunessy resevoir. Now, here you are saying you won't fish Mill Creek a major tributary of that very same resevoir because of "concerns" of pollution and not wanting to eat the fish.

    I am quite Shocked that anyone would tell you where you can catch smallmouth bass when you openly admit to liking to eat them? For the life of me I can't fathom why you would eat a bass. It's a sport fish! There is a difference between sport fish(bass, musky, northerns) & tablefare(bluegill - and you have a place where you can rake on them, crappie & saugeye are all readily available in waters near you). A bass is a sport fish and most conservation minded fishermen promote catch and release. You on the other hand could do some serious harm to a fragile system such as a "creek." Go ahead and fish Millcreek and fry em all up. After all, a little fertilizer never hurt anyone, it is only the heavy metals. Remember!

    Ya reap what ya sow. :p

  18. first off, I was pissed because people on OGF said that sewage ran into the Scioto and Griggs. And that during heavy rains, they dump raw sewage in the water. Thank god there's the a lil thing called the OHIO EPA....... also Mill Creek empties into the Oshay, which is around 10 miles north of the closest location I fish. So I am not really too worried about it.

    And CG, it's all opinion if you like bass to eat. I LOVE BASS to eat, not so much largemouth, but the cold water Smallie makes for a delicious meal. Ever eat a Walleye? Taste BETTER than a walleye. Don't knock it, till you try Benny's World Famous Smallies.. mmmmmmm good!!!!:p

    and btw, I'VE NEVER ASKED where to catch Small Mouth bass at. I was just asking if people caught fish in Mill Creek. I can catch all the smallies I need at my current fishing locations with EASE.
  19. Everybody needs to take a hit from the peace pipe or something.

    I've caught 10 smallies this year, have yet to fish for them. I've let GO 7 of the ten, and have only kept 3 smallies over 13 inches. So as far as I am concerned i'm 70% Catch and Release:p

    Don't worry, your kids will have Smallies to catch 20 years from now.
  20. um....mill like five miles north upstream from your scioto park honey hole for fried smallies!
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