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    I know people on here have asked about Mill Creek before with most responses seeming to be negative due to Scotts pollution. However, I've never heard anybody talk about fishing Mill Creek upstream of Scotts. Anybody ever tried?
  2. Above Marysville, there have been several manure spills from the egg farms & one from a local cattle farmer that pretty much wiped out any game fish that were in there. They may be come back, but I haven't seen too many positive signs .......... mostly carp & chubs with a few small panfish. There used to be a healthy population of crappie just above the high school, so they may come back sooner than the smallies & rockies.

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    There is a decent population of bass (both) in the area closer to Oshay. Nothing amazing though. Your best bet for fish is still going to be south of Marysville.