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Military role call.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by squid_1, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. The Nuge II thread kinda got me thinkin. List what branch of service you were in and where you served your time. Maybe some long lost friends will get reunited. Ohio people always seemed to stick together. Anyway I'll start it off.

    USN 6 years Electronics Technician 1983-1989
    NAS LEMOORE CA 1984 1985
    USNS CHAUVENET TAGS-29 1986 1987
    USS HOLLAND AS-32 1988 1989

    Looking for Mike Zupp, Mark Lambert both from the Cleveland area.
  2. Proudly Supporting the Military 1990-Present

    Sorry I never served just supported. :D

  3. from 1986 to 1990.. basic in Texas, tech school in Mississippi, first duty station Lindsey Air Station in Wiesbaden, West Germany and ended at Andrews AFB in D.C. I was a telecommunications specialist.

    Great thread, by the way!! :D
  4. Air Force: 1982-1990
    Altus, Oklahoma for four years and then four more at Scott AFB, HQ MAC. That last one was a fantastic assignment and overall I really enjoyed my time in the service.
  5. Jan 71 to Jan 75 Basic in San Antonio. Tech School in Denver. Went to Eglin AFB, in Florida for a few months and a trip across the pond to Viet Nam. Came home to 2 more years in Clovis, New Mexico. Favorite place was New Mexico....but not many places to wet a line.
    Almost forgot, I was in munitions. Built bombs, rockets, napalm ect.
  6. Workdog

    Workdog "One More Time"

    Flew F-111s and did some other stuff, 1979-2003.
    Spent time in CA, Clovis NM, England, VA, Turkey, Saudi, 200' over Iraq, and other neat places.

  7. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    From 1985-2005. Active and Reserve. Spent whole career in Security Forces retired as a MSgt/E-7. Spent time in Bahrain, Spain, Germany, Canada, tons of places CONUS. Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska was the nicest place in CONUS. Spain was the stuff though.

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  8. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    82 to 88 US Navy..

    1982 till 1986 bow catipults on the JOHN F. KENNEDY CV-67. 2 med cruises. many ports of call(shellback times 2). 2 conflicts, beruit(lebanon) and lybia(north africa)

    1986 till 1988 milton, fla crash crew

    join the navy and see the world..that aint no sh!t.

    lifetime member of the VFW
  9. Tom Patrick

    Tom Patrick Love To Fish

    81 - 85 U.S. Army... MOS 35L

    Basic and AIT, Ft. Gordon, Georgia. I repaired helicopter radios at the 9th Infantry Division, Ft. Lewis, Washington.
  10. dip

    dip dip

    B 1/84 FA Ft Lewis WA 82-84
  11. TritonMark

    TritonMark Member

    Marine Corp 74" to 77"
    Boot camp Paris Island
    ITS Camp Pendelton
    Marine Barracks - Washington D.C.
    Spent 2 years as a Presidential Service Guard at Camp David
  12. USN - 1993 - 1997, USS Theodore Roosevelt, CVN-71
    (Bootcamp at Great Lakes, IL.)

    2 Med cruises, Bosnian conflict

    Worked on LSO platform and Primary Flight Control

    Been to waaaayyy too many countries to list all, here's a few: Italy (x2), Corfu Greece (x3), Rhodes Greece (x3), Haifa Isreal (x3), Turkey (x1), Spain (x2), Cannes France (x1), St. Maartin (x2).............list goes on and on.........
  13. 82-86 Army.
    32nd Army Air Defense Command.
    24J radar repairman.

    BIGDAWG Team Bass Xtreme

    '89 to '93 - Forward Observer/Intel 1/1
    Paris Island, S.C.
    Camp Lejune, N.C.
    Virginia Beach, VA. - Riots
    Camp Pendleton, CA
    Twenty Nine Palms, CA
    Saudi Arabia
    L.A. Riots
    U.S.S. Racine LST
    Papa New Guinea
    New Caledonia
  15. BlueRibbonTaxidermy

    BlueRibbonTaxidermy BlueRibbonTaxidermy

    U.S. Army National Guard 78-82, Army Medic I believe it's 91B10, Basic at Fort Lost In The Woods, Missouri and AIT at Fort Sam San Antonio, all other active time was annual training and weekend support duty. Jeff
  16. Nov 62 to Dec 82 US Army Retired SFC E-7 Almost got called back to active duty for Desert Storm

    80 - 82 Ft Ord, Ca Plt Sgt and acting 1SG
    77 - 80 Germany (Ludwigsburg and Berblingan) Plt Sgt and acting 1SG
    76 - 77 Ft Riley,Ks Plt Sgt
    69 - 76 Recruiting Command, Cleveland, OH Recruiter
    68 - 69 Ft Benning, GA Training NCO
    67 - 68 Vietnam Recon Sgt and Acting FO
    66 - 67 Ft Gordon, Ga Co Clerk
    65 - 66 Germany (Ashafenburg) Co Clerk
    63 - 65 Ft Carson, Co Finance Clerk, Supply Clerk, Signal Officers Driver
    62 - 63 Training
  17. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    USN RM3 Seabee

    Va Beach
    San Diego
  18. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Did not serve but wanted to say thanks to all you guys for your service and keeping this a great country. S
  19. A couple members of my family served. I'm not sure where they were all stationed and the dates but I do know the following.

    Uncle Don Williamson - United States Army. Served in Vietnam

    Great Uncle Raymond Fisher - United States Airborne Army. Served in World War II. His fighter plane was shot down and he died the day before the war ended.

    Great Uncle Wilson "Wimpy" Maynard - United States Army. Served in World War II. He had a Japanese bayonette go in his stomach and out his back. He survived but years later died due to complications of the injury. There's a story that he was on patrol and he was so tired of fighting. He came across a Japanese soldier and they walked in circles just staring at eachother before walking in seperate directions.

    Great Uncle Pearlin Maynard - United States Army. Served in World War II. He was a gunner. He later died of throat cancer that they blame on the smoke from the discharged shells going into his throat.

    Cousin Vern "Mr. Speaker" Riffe Jr - United States Airborne Army Served as a gunner in World War II.

    Cousin Mike Stanko - United State Marine Corps. Served 3 tours of duty in Iraq. He was a mechanic for the unmanned drones that they fly.

    Brother Brett Maynard II - United States Army Reserve. Basic Training Fort Jackson, SC September 2006-December 2006. AIT Fort Gordon, GA December 2006- April 2007.
  20. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    May 2002- present. US Army National Guard. MOS's 19K, 14S, 31B
    Training at Fort Knox. After signing up as an Abrams tanker my battalion reclassed at Wright-Pat to Air Defense Artillery.

    Spent Dec 2005-May 2007 Deployed as an MP in Germany.

    I've shot the tanks, shot missiles, and a plethora of other guns and got paid to do it. Not bad.

    Currently enjoying the GI Bill at OSU