mild temps/ saugeye

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  1. Just checking to see how things have been for others around town with the mild temps the last few days.
    Fished a couple nights with slim. Each night he has caught at least 1 fish over 5#'s. Guys around us have been picking at them, but I would assume if we went around town the same thing would be happening. Nothing new to report with lure or presentation.. just figured more guys would be out.
  2. seethe303

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    unfortunately I have not been able to get out recently. I hit some rip rap at alum on the 30th of December and did not catch anything. apparently the night before was the time to be there. naturally.

    I might be getting out on saturday. its gonna be cold again, but not REALLY cold heh.


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    I was @ deer creek tuesday night from 6 till 8 and only caught 2 both being the 8" cigars, was also there last friday and got skunked. It just gets very frustrating being out there and getting verry little to nothing!
  4. Gobi Muncher

    Gobi Muncher mmmm.....tasty!

    Been to DeerCreek last Sun. and Mon. Only saw a few caught and small at that. Thinking of taking the boat to I.L. Sat though. Hopefully the bite will be happenin' then.
  5. Work has been putting a severe crimp in my fishing plans this week. Hopefully the mild temps will linger a bit longer.
  6. shroomhunter

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    Was at Buckeye from 9 PM till 1 AM, baitfish everywhere not a saugeye...
    But I had one absolutely CRUSHING hit, set the hook hard and over my head goes my Rogue with a 3" Yellow bullhead catfish on the tailhook.:D The Rogue was 3" longer than he was...and for all the catch and release guys, he was released unharmed for your angling pleasure!!

    Hit Fairfield, Liebs front and back and a couple other spots. There were 3 guys at Liebs tightlining minnows catching a few channel cats. Other than them there wasn't a soul in sight!

    Maybe I'll give it a go with this rain, I just don't know when to give up:D
  7. Glad you put that beast back!!:D Keep at it man they will come!!!:)
  8. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    Simply nothing! Fished till 10 and decided I was done....till the next time:D
  9. Should be good fishing below the dam this weekend. I see where the corps has been releasing water since wed. Drove by the spillway at 0745 today and the water is about 6" from the top of the walkway.
  10. Juan More Fish

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    Think it will be good yo go saugeye fishing tonight or early morning at alum?:confused:
  11. There's only way to find out. Let us know how you do.

  12. Usually good when they slow it down. Should be fish there been pushing water 3 days now.