Midwest Tournament 4/3

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  1. Good Morning Everyone!

    In case anyone is checking this before they head to Mosquito this morning it is 3:15 and it has stopped snowing in the 77/480 area. I just finished clearing the drive! I will be at the ramp for those still wanting to fish. I understand some teams already can only make 4 of the 6 tournaments so I will do my best to get them all the tournaments they need. Any teams traveling to Mosquito this morning I will have my cell phone. I can be reached at 440.821.8624.

    Fish on!
  2. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    Good luck every one . Be safe and dont get into to big of a hurry this morning . The lake will still be there when you get there , and the fishin will be better as the day goes on . :)

  3. Hello Everyone,

    Unfortunately the tournament was cancelled. The roads were not cleared and conditions were not safe to trailer a boat. I was able to contact all but 1 of the pre-registered teams. I apologize to anyone who was anticipating paying at the ramp and showed on Sunday. The tournament will be rescheduled for a later date. I will announce that date once I receive the permit.

    The next tournament is at West Branch on April 23. We will be launching out of the West Ramp at 6:30am. This tournament will also be a 100% payout plus prizes and plaques!

    Once again I am sorry for any inconvenience and hope to see you at West Branch.

    Jonathan Jonela
  4. I think we were the team you were not able to contact and it was our fault that neither of us took our cell phone. I think we missed you call by 8 minutes. i'm glad you got ahold of everyone else because it was brutal. We left Akron area @ 5:22 am. Partly cloudy and you could see stars in places. down 76 we go, onto rt 14/5 at Ravenna. Started to snow just a bit, out past the Arsenal, snowing a bit harder but we're thinking the snow will move out of the area by mid morning, so we keep going. Get to north side of Warren, Its snowing really hard now. Frank say's "There she goes" and the trailer starts pushing the back of the truck around. Somehow he pulls it out of the jackknife without damage to the boat or truck. "What do we do now", I said.
    Frank says we're within a mile or so of the turn off so we keep going. We get to Cortland, make the turn at the car dealership and cant get up the hill. So we back down the hill while i'm watching for traffic, get going and pull into Perkins. We've realized we're not going to get to the lake but we're thinking the smow has got to let up soon and we would drive back then. Finally about 10:00 while we're eating breakfast in Perkins and its still a blizzard we hear a local comment about how it was supposed to keep snowing all day with an additional 6-10" (8 on the ground by then) we decided to try to make the run home.
    So off we go. 1/3 of the way up the ramp the tire start spinning and we loose traction. so we backdown the ramp. i'm standing at the end of the ramp trying to stop traffic while Frank backs down. Get going again, drive nort 5 or 6 miles to find a place to turn around so we could access the ramp onto 5 from the other direction. 15-20 MPH try to turn on flashers, they dont work. Turn on turn signal to turn around , they dont work. Anyway we make it back on Rt 5 driving about 20 MPH, about the arsenal it stops snowing. By the time we get to ravenna the roads are clear and we make it home about 12:30. Start checking out the light and found out we didnt have brake lights either.
    Just glad to get home, Safe without damage to person or property. I,m sure we won't leave home again without a cell phone.
  5. Jon-

    You made a tough but good call for your first event! Obviously too, by what pitchnit went through!

    Anyone who lived East of Mosq didn't get to experience the full morning wrath and saw the stars and clear skies! On 'squito though it continued to snow till afternoon! It woulda been impossible to get most any rigs outa the ramp , 4x4 or not.

    No fish is worth your life... words from paps as we sat huddled under a cliff and watched a tornado tear through the edge of a forest. We did go back out though after it passed ;)

  6. Hopefully much better weather for your event this Sat. See you there. This just goes to show you how easy you can get caught up in something if you dont make the right decisions.
    We consider ourselves knowledgeable and intelligent, but this got the best of us before we really realized we were in trouble.
    One thing i really worry about alot this time of year is falling out of the boat. The cold water can kill you in a hurry(minutes), even with a life vest on ,if you cant get back in the boat you are in life threatening trouble. Put a ladder on and take a buddy with you. This is not the time of year to mess around.

    I was going to call your house tonight to make sure you made it back alright. I'm glad things didn't turn out worse for you. I sat in the Troy Vol. Fire Department lot for a good 2 hours. I gave them the donuts I had for registration.

  8. Thanks, We made it back ok. Are you thinking about rescheduling or should we apply the entry fee to West branch.

    I can either send you the money or apply it to the West Branch tournament. I will be contacting everyone who has pre-paid. Just let me know.