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Midwest Sportsman Tanners Creek(2005 Schedule)

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by cincinnatibassmaster, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. cincinnatibassmaster

    cincinnatibassmaster Get The Net!!!

    Just got done with the new schedule here it is.


    All tournaments start at first light,and last for 8 hours.
    for all members that fished in the 2004 season at Tanners
    we will be having a banquet at Plapp's on January 15 2005
    this banquet was won by the Tanners Creek division in the
    Plapp's Club Shoot-out,so all members bring your family.
    also there will be a pre-tournament meeting at Plapp's on
    April 9 2005 at 7pm,there will be no meeting at the ramp this year.during the banquet and the pre-tournament meeting i will be taking memberships for the 2005 season.

    You can also visit my web page at:

    Robert Thompson
    Director Tanners Creek
  2. cincinnatibassmaster

    cincinnatibassmaster Get The Net!!!

    Our sponsor list is growing.
    This what happens when you are the best circuit in the country.

    Plapp's Pro Outdoors....$300.00+ in Gift certificates
    Driftwood Lures...........$500.00 in Baits
    Strictly Bass Lures.......$125.00 in Baits
    Baits While You Wait....$150.00+ in Baits
    Lazer Crankbaits..........$250.00 in Baits
    KidLizard....................$100.00 in Baits
    Dicks Sporting Goods....$300.00 in Baits and Gift certificates

    This is just the beginning i'm still working on WAL-MART

    You want the best? Here it is. :cool:
    Come fish the TANNERS CREEK division and you can get your share of the pie.

    Robert Thompson
    (513) 821-6007

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