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Midwest Sportsman (Results 4/16/05 Tanners Creek)

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by cincinnatibassmaster, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. cincinnatibassmaster

    cincinnatibassmaster Get The Net!!!

    Results for 4-16-05
    46 teams
    Top 10 got a check

    1. Jerry Turner/Chris Besselman 10.65.....$760.00
    2. Paul Worley/Bob Herbert 10.22.....$500.00+$460.00 for BB
    3. Ron Smith/Charlie Smith 7.83.....$390.00
    4. Jigger McNaron/Craig Mills 7.52.....$290.00
    5. Josh McCreary/Bill Lowen Sr. 7.31.....$240.00
    6. Scott Fisk/Ronnie Smith 6.44.....$230.00
    7. Paul Stahley/Aaron Stahley 6.23.....$190.00
    8. Ed Morris/Ed Wallace 5.60.....$150.00
    9. Roy Croley/Bill Sess 4.41.....$110.00
    10. Jeff Nevels/Ed Reichert 4.13.....$80.00

    River looked great,water temp was from 55-58 degs.
    blue bird skies.

    Rob Thompson
  2. Rob,

    My name is Eric and I am moving to Cincinnati within the month as my wife has taken a job at GE. Any chance of someone needing a partner? I have a boat, but don't know the river that well. It's also about to get a complete re-wiring. Any info on the Midwest Sportsman circuit there and/or BASS clubs would be appreciated.


  3. cincinnatibassmaster

    cincinnatibassmaster Get The Net!!!

    If you want info for the tanners tournaments e-mail me your address and i will get it in the mail to ya,our next touny is 5-21-05.
    as for other clubs the only ones i know of are the midwest sportsman tournaments and a open tournament that goes out of big bone ramp on the ohio river in kentucky every second sunday starting may 8.

    Robert Thompson
    Director Tanners Creek
  4. Eric,

    There is a new circuit that started this year called USA Bassin, we fished first tourney this past Sunday at Rocky Fork. The rest of the schedule is at and look under the Hern Marine circuit. There are several local clubs, Southern Ohio Bassmasters, East Fork Anglers, Maineville Bassmasters, just to name a few. You can go to the site for Dixie marine I believe. They have a scedule of a lot of the tournaments from Midwest, OBBC, USA Bassin, and a bunch of the locals. Welcome to the neighborhood and yes you'll miss the bass fishing in the Columbus area, it's a whole new ball game down here..... :D