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Midwest Sportsman - Milton Results

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by UDBasser, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. The changing weather conditions made fishing difficult Sunday. Fishing at Milton had been great a few days before the tournament. The majority of the field had been stumped with the exception of the winning team. The results are as follows:

    1st - Dixon/Giannone - 4 fish - 13.67lbs Big Bass - 4.31lbs
    2nd - Corbet/Bayus - 2 fish - 4.13lbs
    3rd - Mize/Plotner - 2 fish - 4.00lbs
    4th - Pieffer/Leary - 1 fish - 2.67lbs

    Thanks to everyone coming out. The next tournament is at Berlin on July 31. Launch is at Bonner Road at 6:30am.
  2. After 3 qualifying tournaments have been completed the standings for the North East Ohio division are as follows. These are the current top 5 teams that will be going to nationals. If we get 2 more members, an additional team will be added.

    1st - Bo Pieffer/Jim Leary 143pts
    2nd - Wayne Corbett/Dave Bayus 136pts
    3rd - Wayne Patterson/Mike Polosky 134pts
    4th - Nick Prvonozac/George Prvonozac 132pts
    5th - Scott Riley/Vince Riley 127pts

    On the line...

    6th - Jim Tunder/Bennie Ricker 124.5 pts
    7th - Chris Minick/Ed Lewalk 122 pts

    Three more tournaments to go! Only the best 4 count! Still anyone's game!