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Midwest Sportsman Columbus Division

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by GREENFISH77, Jun 7, 2005.


    GREENFISH77 Team BAss Xtreme

    Just a reminder, Wednesday we are at Alum Creek. We have 8 tournaments left, this is the last chance to fish and still qualify for the Classic. Also, make sure that everyone leaves early enough, since I think there is a Blues Traveler concert at Polaris. MIght be slow going ;) See everyone there!
  2. I would avoid Polaris and 71. Good back way to go is hit 23n to powell road go east on powell over the brige and take a left contine on powell across Old state road and turn left on Bayle Canyon about 1 mile E of 71 bridge. That will dump you out at the damn (turn right then make a left on Chesire). Just thought I would mention in case people are comming from the south.


    BIGDAWG Team Bass Xtreme

    Hopefully won't be too much traffic, can't say he has too many fans....... :rolleyes: just the yunguns...... :D
  4. Actually its Dave Mathews and its sold out. It was a mess up here last night for his first show. I believe tonight is his second and last show.

    oops right at dam and left on Africa not Chesire. (one to many Coors Light) :)

    GREENFISH77 Team BAss Xtreme

    oops! That's what I meant, Dave Matthews :rolleyes: Where did I get Blues Traveler from??? oh well, just get there early :)
  6. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    Weather was great ! Not much rain up on the lake this evening . Glad to see all the guys again . Here are the results . :)

    1st pl. - Casey & Carroll with 5 fish weighing 6.07#
    2nd pl. - Kolberg & Bennett with 4 fish weighing 5.51#
    3rd pl. - Eichensehr & Huenke with 4 fish weighing 5.07#
    4th pl. - Cooper & Workman with 4 fish weighing 4.49#
    5th pl. - Vance & Vance with 4 fish weighing 4.32#

    BB went to the team of Guyer & Quinn with a 2.96# LM

    Good job to everyone !