Midwest Sportsman 2008 Schedule Tanners+Brookville

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    cincinnatibassmaster Get The Net!!!

    The Brookville Lake and Tanners Creek Division start in a month.
    You can check out the web site for those divisions at:


    I will also be at the Dixie Marine open house on the 8-9th to take memberships.

    You can check out the new web site for all midwest sportsman divisions in indiana at:


    We are a month away from the start of our season call your local tournament
    director to sign up today.
    Midwest is now offering an In-State Classic for everybody that dont want to make that long trip to kentucky Lake in the fall. the indiana classic will be on Patoka Lake in the spring of 2009 Date TBA.
    With a cheaper membership to just stay in indiana of $35.
    Check it out.
  2. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    The 1st Tournament out of Brookville is on Sunday 4-6.

    Hope to see some of you guys out there!