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Midwest Sportsman 2004 classic

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by Phil Carver, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    I was finally able to obtain a list of the top 33 teams , here they are .

    The top 33 places took home cash and prizes

    1.Kenneth Rowe/Charles Rowe..26.15lbs..$10,000/New Boat
    2.Gary Farley/Perry Neathery..24.20lbs....$10,000
    3.Don Ingram/Ronnie Grant..21.25lbs....$5,000
    4.Bob Hitchcock/Keith Gyulveszi..21.03lbs....$4,000
    5.Rick Holmden/Bryanr Ward..20.12lbs....$3,500
    6.Kenneth Ingle/Kelly Ingle..19.31lbs
    7.Shane Price/Brent Travis..19.16lbs
    8.Mike Farley/Barry Medley..18.86lbs
    9.Gordon Morgan/Dan Heckel..18.56lbs
    10.Matt Mize/Eric Ambort..17.80lbs
    11.Frank DeFrancisco/Ed Johnson..17.55lbs (my division)
    12.Scott Clift/Ashley Mrdley..17.37lbs
    13.Bob Robinson/Gary Hill..17.09lbs
    14.Marion Tipton/Kendall Beaty..17.04lbs
    15.Charles Caskey/Shawn Caskey..16.89lbs
    16.John Carroll/Eddie Carroll..16.44lbs
    17.Nelson Bond/Norman Childress..15.89lbs
    18.Johnny Maggard/Mitchell Major..15.84lbs
    19.Mike Timmer/Herb Timmer..15.67lbs
    20.Dan White/Larry Pierce..15.61lbs
    21.Craig Johnson/Ron Johnson..15.46lbs
    22.Mike Russell/Kathy Russell..15.45lbs
    23.Jigger McNaron/Tom Sheehan..15.13lbs
    24.Ray Taylor/Robert Hinton..14.20lbs
    25.Dwaine Williams/Richard Craft..13.79lbs
    26.Steve Hinesley.................13.79lbs
    27.Bob Haney/Jeff Haggard..13.75lbs
    28.Jim Gullett/Rick Gragory..13.74lbs
    29.Kelley Millsaps/Audie Lester..13.64lbs
    30.John Miller/Phil Miller..13.58lbs
    31.Jeff Beer/Jason Abney..13.52lbs
    32.Ronnie Critcheloe/Jeremy Estes..13.31lbs
    33.Brandon Jones/Charles Jones..13.21lbs

    Big Bass Day 1:
    1.Greg Depalma/Mike Sims..5.06 Smallmouth..$1,500
    2.Jim Gullett/Rick Gregory..4.93 Largemouth..$730.00
    3.Ray Taylor/Robert Hinton..4.93 Largemouth..$730.00

    Big Bass Day 2:
    1.Hen Rowe/Charles Rowe..6.47 Largemouth..$1,500
    2.Marc Pecsi/Lou Pecsi..5.90 Largemouth..$880.00
    3.Tom Evans/Felix Fugate..5.64 Smallmouth..$580.00
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  2. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    Al the directors were told that next years 1st place team will recieve not 1 but 2 fully rigged Nitro 882's ! That would make 1st place worth almost $47,000 ! What other circuit can say that they do that ? :)

  3. Hey! I will be fishing Midwest Sportsman next year...hopefully. I've been fishing ABA and I dont care too much for their choice of location for next years national...the Red River. I myself have a newer nx882 and love it. I'm thinking about stepping up to a 901 series by the end of the year. See ya on the water next year!
  4. that's some BigBass!!! Where was that classic again? What were the entry fees for it? Congrads to Frank and Ed.
  5. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    The classic was held on Kentucky and Barkley lakes . Entry fee for the classic is $120/team . I used the funds we made at the open we had last year to help each teams classic entry . Every one from my division that advanced to the classic had a great time and are going to fish hard so that they can make it again . :)
  6. Hey Guys,

    I have not heard back from the director from NE Ohio. Is there still a district up here for next year? Does anyone have info for next year? My buddy just bought a new Ranger and now my 882 is just getting broken in. We're going to have to fight to see who gets to use their boat this summer. We both graduate from school this spring and we're ready to hit the water!

    Lets get this winter over with.
  7. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    The local director for the NE area is Ted November . His phone # is (330)628-0138 As far as I know this division is still avalible . If you end up joining , I gaurantee you will have a great time and if you make it to the classic it will just put you in awe .
  8. I love Kentucky/Barkley. I fished the nationals there last year with ABA. National championships are something else. Almost 600 guys launching in the morning...huge prizes...and lots of good times. Im looking forward to next year!