Midwest largest tackle show 3/1 & 3/2

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  1. Nightprowler

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    Midwest largest tackle show, Plapps 5th annual tackle show. Over 4,000 people came in 2007, dont miss it March 1st and 2nd all day. Over 70 fishing companies on hand to show off their products and offer the best deals off the year. 5,000 gallon bass tank on hand for demonstrations and seminars all weekend. BBQ all weekend from Famous Daves, free BBQ on Sunday 12-2pm. Over 200 boats, campers and atvs on sale with special show only financing. Dont miss the only show like it
  2. Just got back from there. Great deals going on. Curados are $99 after rebate, Hoppy black lights $40, bunch of good lures 50% off, etc. If you are an e-mail member, you should get a coupon for a a $25 GC if you spend at least $100.

  3. Tee

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    I was there too. Yes they have some GREAT sales going on. For those who like the new Shimano Curados they have them for $99 After rebate!! Thats HALF price!! They sold so many of them that the Shimano guy had to go back to the warehouse to get more for tomorrow. Even if they are out you can get a rain-check for them at that price.

    They had a 2 hour special ~ 30% off all G-Loomis Rods.... Needless to say I'm almost broke!

    The have specials going on all day. Seminars all day as well. Free BBQ tomorrow from 12-2.

    I'll be there tomorrow morning too!
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    I was there as well this morning from 830-10:30. I picked up a Curado as well, that is a great deal!
  5. I didnt know plapps did such a thing is it better than basspro?
  6. Matt Plapp

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    I'm biased, but yes. Seriously though, we created the show 5 years ago to be different than the big boxes. We had about 70 different companies send reps to the show to show the product. Our bass tank is mostly for 15 minute seminars on specific baits. If you want to see a bait thrown, they put it in the tank. It's a great chance to get hands on ideas from people who do this for a living. We do some crazy deals, come next year it will be the first weekend of March more than likely. Stay all day if possible, I do sales every 30 minutes, some sales that get other dealers and reps calling the store complaining. That's why I don't advertise them.