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  1. The Midas company in Medina ripped a family member for over 2700.00 when she took her car in for a rattle. They replaced shocks, struts, for a 2005 caravan, 5 months prior they told her they were in great working order. Charged her 130.00 for 6 spark plugs, 70.00 for the wires. replaced a new battery for 100.00... I can type for an hour about this ordeal. They completely wronged her and took advantage of someone that was clueless. This is just a warning to everyone that this store, it's managers, and corporate office is one big laughing joke of a business. Bottomline is they may have screwed her over but now are in for a insane battle of BS. Best part about it is the problem she went in for wasn't even fixed when she got the car back. She returned the car and 30 minutes later it was fixed....2700.00 dollars and 700.00 5 months prior. A total of 3400.00 for front brakes, calipers, rotors, shoes, and other minor BS....... If you take it to Midas- BE AWARE- it will happen to you if you let them get away with this SCAM......let the fun begin, it wasn't my money but now I get to have fun bothering everyone that is connected to this business.
  2. I do most stuff myself, but I have a similiar report. I sold a 98 Ford Escort in Nov 07. I let the kid and his dad take the car to inspect it. This car was one owner, 75,000 orginal miles and was in very top shape - it had one minor problem with a tie rod end on the driver's side which I pointed out to the kid.

    They came back with a print out from a Midas shop with a scroll of items that needed attention - total was over $1800!!! Several items were complete BS - I had just put new brakes/rotors on it myself 8,000 miles ago and both were listed. It was insane to say the least - the car was only worth a couple grand. The kid passed on the car because they scared him off.

    I sold it to another guy 4 days later - he took it to his private mechanic and had him go through the car. This guy found only the tie rod problem and he also found a vacuum hose that needed hooked up. Guy bought the car and spent under $400 total for the repair, new front tires and an allignment. I see him occasionally and he said it is still running great with zero problems.

    I do think Midas shops are independently owned, so I wouldn't lump all the shops together. But, just like any other place of business you really need to be careful when dealing with them. I know the shop on my side of town in Spfld has a pretty good reputation.

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    i would even call the ohio attorney general. forget the bbb if they pay their dues they are good to go as far as the bbb is concerned. good luck.
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    They surely ripped her off. Did she authorize them to do the work? If not you have recourse with the Ohio AG office. If you all the receipts from the last time and it states the parts were in good working order take them to small claims. You can try working with the BBB. They are known to be ripoff artist, so stick it back to them. Let us know what happens.

    Also does she have the old parts. Check to make sure that they are even for her vehicle, and even if they did they work they claimed.
  5. I've used Midas without any problems and I know very little about fixing cars. I told them what I needed and that's what they did.

    My gf went to Saturn. Had a problem with the car shaking. I was suspect of the tires but I know very little about cars. So we did a diagnosed check which ran about 70 bucks. They noticed the problems with the tires and wanted to charge 480.00 for the new tires not counting the cost of alignment, rotation and other such things. And I'm just like.... no... He screwed up when he lowered his quoted price which pretty much said I'm TRYING to rip you off. Then he stops talking to me and starts trying to talk to her directly. We finally ended on the 2 bad tires being replaced for 190. Probably could have gotten lower if we had tried.

    My mom had a problem with one of her cars about 10 years back. They raise the car up to the see the problem and find out it's the brakes. They wanted 2,000 dollars to fix it. She forced them to take her car down and took it somewhere else and got it fixed for around 150.

    You can boycott Midas if you want to but they aren't any difference from anyone else, not to say there isn't any good ones out there. Best thing to do is get a check and find out what the problem is. Then call around to see how much it would cost to fix said problem. Don't accept any deals that place has to give you've made a few calls. Even better, just bring a phone listing with you when you get the car checked on. Once they give you their quoted lowest let them know that your going to make a few phone calls to their competitors. If they are truly giving you their lowest price then they should have nothing to worry about.

    Wow this post is big. Sorry, I have a huge pet peeve with this.
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    5 or 6 years ago my mom took her car to a Jiffy Lube (or similar place) to get a routine oil change. This guy comes in with a filthy air filter asking if she wants to replace it. Luckily, I was there... knew her air filter wasn't even that shape... and that my Dad had replaced it 3 days earlier. I mentioned it, and he was quick to just finish up the job without the new filter. We made a call to the corporate office later that day and reported the issue which they seemed grateful.

    I assumed that all 'quick lube' places were rip offs, but I didn't even assume the outfits like Midas. Although, Monroe wanted $400 to replace 1 side of my dual exhaust.... just the pipe because it rusted off at the muffler and I still had the tip. I told them to take it off the jack and they quickly came down to $140 cash (not on their books) which was still kind of steep I thought.
    Since that, ANYTHING my truck needs I end up driving back to Zanesville from Columbus just to get things done at a shop that I trust.
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    I went to Midas here in Akron about 20 years ago and ran into a similar problem only a lot less expensive. I didn't like the way they did business and I'll never go back.
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    It took me 35 years to find a shop in Columbus that I totally trust. Keep looking, they're out there.
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    I avoid those places (Midas, Goodyear, ProCare) like the plague. Ask around and find a small local shop. They may not offer coupons for free brake checks, A/C check or whatever but chances are they will be honest with you.
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    Just had a friend in Mahoning county get some work done at Midas, they brought it in for making a clunking noise up front and needed brakes also they said struts were bad so they replaced them but now only to have some more noises after taken to the dealer ship they said the struts were installed wrong an with the old hardware an some missing part, back to Midas after having a long talk with the manager an throwing a fit they agreed they would pay for the dealer ship to do the work, problem fixed now.
  11. The Midas by me is the same way. Had a coupon for an oil change. While it was on the lift they showed me the print-out of all kinds of stuff that was supposed to be bad. Prices were outragious. Told them just the oil change please. Drove it a mile , turned around & went back. Only one lug nut was on. They offered me a free oil change for the next time ! NTB is the same way. The kids in there can't do anything right.
  12. This can happen anywhere to someone who is not up to par with what they are doing. When dealing with auto repairs done by someone with whom you have had an expensive lesson already, it is always best to get a second opinion.

    Sad but true that a lot of chain stores like Midas, oil change joints, dealerships, and even indpependant mechanics prey upon people who are out of the loop on auto repairs.

    Good luck getting any satisfaction back from Midas. On the up side, expensive lessons are rarely repeated.
  13. uhm..judging from the news lately..i'd say the attorney general pretty much has his hands full right now

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    i had a coupon for an oil change at a midas not too long ago. went in and the guy behind the counter said he will not accept coupons, so i left and did it myself. looks like i made the right move. to bad about your family member
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    My dad went into one of those Chain shops once to get brakes or something and they came back and said that the CV joint/boot(something) was torn. Well my dad looked at it and sure enough it was torn. But he is still to this day certain that it was fine when he went in there. They tear stuff up just so they can fix it.
  16. thanks for all the replies. First thing is that I understand it is a franchise and to hound all midas shops would be wrong. So with that being said, this is solely on the Medina shop. It is sad that my aunt was clueless in this situation, she really has no one to tell her any different. I wish she would of called us sooner to overlook the fine print and estimate of the job. It is to late for that now and at this point it is all up to us on how far we want to take this. In my own experience I have not had issues like this because I have been lucky to have people in the know, or had some experience myself to see something was just wrong. I look at it this way, I personally have nothing to lose in the matter, so why not take this to the highest level I can. Small claims court, case filed through the credit card company, case filed with the corporate office, case filed through the state and so on. We have some help from family attorneys which I will find out more information on rights and other avenues that can be taken. To me it's a learning experience and will take what I learn from this and either pass on information or just keep it with me for further issues. I know that 90% of the people would only go so far before they said heck with it and just cut there loses, well we'll be part of the 10% that fights this till the end. The outcome may not be in our favor, and we might just have to chalk this up as an expensive lesson, either way it's not right and we won't settle with just letting them get away with this without a fight. If nothing comes of it then at least I, along with others can make phone calls daily, hourly, nightly, lets say midnight or 3 am to all supervisors cell phones as we see fit. I understand there is such a thing as phone harassment, but it's only harassment when you are doing it without reasonable cause. It clearly states on their invoice to feel free to call the supervisor with any issues and or concerns regarding the service that the company provided. As long as they go without answering their phone or not answering the questions in a manner that is acceptable to the issues at hand, then I would say they opened themselves to the public time frame, which happens to be 4am getting ready to hit the lake. I will be advised of all legal options and will use them to the extreme without stepping over those valuable boundaries. Lastly, I have a former District Attorney for Cleveland, 2 family members that are lawyers and a Judge that I have done work for the last 5 years. So I'll get all the information I need and will be doing everything known to man to cause a bigger headache for this company then they have caused my aunt. To be continued..............................
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    I am glad to see that you're not going to take this lying down. If things like this go unnoticed or unpunished then they will only go further and places like this will continue to scam more and more people.
  18. i went to streetsboro to get my tires rotated. had a coupon for a buck a tire. guy tries telling me it's a buck off per tire. I said no thanks and drove to stow. give the guy the coupon, he say's no it'll be too much work to write it up, rotates them and i'm out the door. he did verify that it was one buck per tire not four bucks off a rotation.
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    Pulled into Midas which displayed a BIG sign 30 minute oil change, went in and the dude said "Make an appointment" held up the old middle finger and said see ya at 1, went to a NTB and got it done ASAP, didn't get screwed the mech was a fisherman, only other thing I needed was an air filter, their price 28 autozone 15 that's where the mech said to go instead of tryin to push it down my throat. I'd say she got MORE than the Midas touch, you know me , if ya need an assist call! The whole world's a joke these days.
  20. I've had similar runups when I took my car into a Tire shop - like Firestone. They'd get me in on a cheap oil change price and continue to find things to repair. Buyer beware is what I say.
    For tires, I now go to places that just sell tires - that way they cant sell me shocks, brakes, etc.
    and for oil changes, I either do it myself or go to the oil change only shops. For repairs, I frequent my dealer.