Mid-Day Smallie Excursion 10-20

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by tcba1987, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. tcba1987

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    fished the Tusc today for about a half an hour......i was killing time between 2 appointments that i had.......i was pleasantly surprised ........i had 2 hits in the short amount of time that i was there ........i landed one nice fat 13 inch smallie and lost another that looked like it was about the same size............i had both fish on a small cordell big O crankbait (shad colored)............i also threw a black buzzbait and a smoke colored texas rigged tube bait and didnt have any hits on those 2 baits !!! it was a beautiful day to be out .........oh yeah the fish were located right in the middle of the river just below a riffle area in about 4-5 ft of water !!!

    SORRY the pictures arent the best !!! but i was fishing alone again and didnt have anyone to take the pictures for me !!


  2. I_WALL_I

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    Very nice!! I hit 2 nice smallies near Newcomerstown last Fri. at dark.. both were caught on a small black spinnerbait below a rapid... gotta love the river this time of year!!

  3. Nice smallie B, Id like to get out maybe Sunday morning and do a float depends on what happens Saturday!
  4. smallieguy

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    Smallie fishing in the middle of the day............sounds like fun to me.
    Nice catch.