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  1. Just wondering if anyone else on here has and uses a Zune over the famous Ipod. I enjoy my Zune. I think I like it more than the Ipod. :eek: There are different features on the Zune than the Ipod. Now after saying all that is there anyone else that is having problems using their Zune? I've had this about a year and it's been acting up. I haven't used it in about 2 months because I couldn't get the right software to download to it. All my problems started back when they put out the 1.4 update to fix a shuffling problem. Just recently I was able to Sync with my computer again but I'm still having a problem playing the songs. They will play for about 40 seconds and then stop. :mad: I talked to Microsoft support about this and they walked me through the steps to delete everything off of it and try to reload it but it didn't work. Like I said I wait about a month and tried again and I can Sync now but I'm still having the playing problem. Anyone else having these problems or is it just me? I really hate to think I've got an expensive paper weight. :mad:
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    I have one of those bootleg things and I hate it. All I do on it is play music so really I might as well bought a mp3 player.:mad: I tried to sell it for $100 but nobody wanted it. G/L man to me it seems you need about 8yrs. college to get it to work properly!:p :p :mad:

  3. That's all I use mine for too. Sure beats carrying around 200 cds though. Hmm...8 years of college you say? :confused: I guess I've only got 7.5 years to go before I'll be able to use it properly. :D Maybe I'll just let it be a paperweight. :(
  4. If you really want to get rid of it, Ill trade you a 2gig nano that works perfectly, lol. That or $50! Lets see how bad you really hate it, lol.
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    Kennedy for $75 its yours man. I havent used it for over a month now and its still just collecting dust. Thats how much I hate it considering I paid 3x that for it.
  6. Some how I finally got mine to work. We'll see if it's still working after the 13th when they do some updates.
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    I like my zune. no problems.
  8. Well the update went pretty smoothly. Well except a couple things. I updated the software on the 13th before I went to work. Well when I got to work I found out that it didn't sync any of my music back onto the Zune. :( So I didn't have anything to listen to at work. So I went home that night and hooked it up and synced everything back up. Well yesterday I was listening to it and found out with the update is screwed up the album lists. Now Lee Greenwood sings "Dixie" and it's on his album "Ghetto Report Card"? Sounds a little fishy to me. Looks like I'll be calling Microsoft again to find out what I can do to fix it. I really don't want to reload all my music again. I have roughly 5,000 songs on it. Anyone else have this problem after the update?
  9. If anyone else is having this problem they have a "fix" for it on their support website. You have to go in and change the name of a couple files. I did that last night and everything seems to be back to the proper names and everything.