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Microsoft Access

Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by Star1pup, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Anyone use this program? I'm trying to use it to log my photos and some things are a bit strange.
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  3. Microsoft Access is a development environment used to create computer databases for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems not a photo editing program...
    Try this link for some helpful tips/info:
  4. I'm just using it for a database. I do all my photo editing in Photo Shop. All I'm trying to do is log my photo records so that I can call them up via subject. For instance, if I type in bluegills, all of the records with that word will be displayed. I then have the file ID and the negative number.
  5. Star1pup,

    Use Access all the time. Let me know what you are looking for help-wise and I'll do my best...
  6. What you mentioned can be done in Access easy enough. And you can provide links to files (pictures) once you get the hang of it. As was mentioned before it is a development tool that for the most part will require you to do all of the database creation unless you can find a sample database that fits the bill. Before you get too deep into what you are doing I would suggest that you do some searching (Google) for software (shareware, freeware) that may be more appropriate. Often times you can find where someone has already been down the road that you are going and they may have put the solution out for all to use.
  7. yes, store the fully qualified UNC (\\computer\share\filename) of the picture in your table. Not sure if it is still in Access, but you used to be able to store OLE objects (pictures) in a table column. While it sounds good, it causes your database size to balloon very quickly. Large databases in the Access Jet database engine (or any other DAO style engine for that matter) is a very bad thing when it comes to database performance. A sometimes little known fact about running queries in a DAO based db engine is that all the records are loaded into memory then the query filter expression is applied then the result set is copied to the recordset memory buffer of your data control or recordset. So it you are looking for one picture record in a table of say 500 or 1000 records, then all 500 or 1000 records get loaded into memory then filtered down to the one you are looking for.

    Another option for you could be to download MSDE from the SQL Server page on microsofts site, design you db in access then upsize it to MSDE via the wizard then access it via linked tables to an ODBC or OLEDB datasource.

    Other than that there are a few people on the site that have used VB (Access uses Visual Basic for Office Applications or VBA which is a subset of the full VB language) before and should be able to try helping you out.

  8. Stoshu: I have it doing all I need for it to do now, but cannot do a "Save As". This will not highlight so I cannot use it. I can save it, but to my Documents. I like to also save to a disk just for safety. The only way i can now do this is to go into Windows Explorer.

    Sorry not to get back sooner, but I've been trying to figure out how to save my dock at Atwood.