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Michigan Stinger Spoons

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by bigfoot27, May 12, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know where I can buy any Michigan Stinger Spoons in Central Ohio? I was trying to put in an order through Cabela's, but for some reason their website is not working right. When I tried adding to the shopping cart it didn't add the items to the cart.

  2. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    I know that Tpet had alot of them to sell a while back , check with him . Also there is a small shop up in mansfield that has spoons that are 99.9% identical to them and has them in more colors than you could shake a stick at . If you would like directions and the phone # pm me and I will get them to you .

  3. hey bigfoot

    i saw some at meijer....they were not michigan stinger but they had a good selection of some nice looking meijer....eye
  4. Michigan Stingers are a great fish catching spoon but have the absolutely worst quality paint jobs in the history of fishdom. It's not uncommon for the paint to come off after one fish or maybe even in the tackle box after being in a bouncing boat on a rough day. Search the archives on WC for dozens of posts regarding this. Pa's makes a spoon that works as well and the spoon stays painted. I believe you can order Pa's spoons from the WC site or maybe Walleye Inc.
  5. Mr. Creosote,

    Thanks for your information. I might have to check into those PA spoons. I also have been looking into the Luhr Jensen Krocodile and Needlefish spoons. Have you or anyone had any experience with these spoons?

  6. I've had limited experience with Luhr Jensen, having used them on a trip to Olcott for salmon and trout. I used Stingers, and now Pa's, inland using cranks to pull them down via 3 way swivel. This system works but they don't seem to outfish the cranks so I only use the 3 way rig when the fishing is real tough. This allows me to get 4 baits in the water as opposed to only 2. However this rig can result in more tangles with the net when a fish is landed so I only use it when I need to.
  7. fishcrazy

    fishcrazy Muskie Chaser

    Best pike spoon out there.

    Fishcrazzzzzzzzzzzy :D
  8. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    I have hundreds of Michigan Scorpion Stinger spoons. Some have caught over fifty walleye easily (just started using them last year). All of them bounce around the trays of my Plano 3700 boxes, some of the compartments have four or five of the same color bouncing around them. They boyunce around each other on the 1 hr. trip up, and the same back. They bounce around sometimes up to ten hours on 1-4 footers.

    I have heard of the paint coming off, but I have never experienced it. Some have many tooth marks on them, but still hold the paint like a champ. I must have purchased only the good ones (four of every color I could find).

    I have yet to see one of the spoons that seems to have any kind of flaw in it. They catch fish, and they are relatively cheap compared to the majority of the lures out there.

    I'll keep using them.

    I have some of the PAs Fintails, but haven't used them yet. I have used the Erie Derie Silver Leaf spoons with great success.
  9. So that's where all the good ones went. Seriously though, they had either recently upgraded their QC when you bought yours or the many dozens of posts complaining of dreadful paint jobs, (Dean Clifton being one of the loudest and longest on this subject), on WC was one vast conspiracy to put them out of buisiness. Glad to hear your having no problems. Lets hope they maintain a quality paint job cause they are great fish catchers.
  10. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    I also have hundreds of michigan stinger spoons, and ALL (minus the ones still in package) of them have paint problems, even the one's that just bang around in my tackle box.

    Have they changed the paint process recently?

  11. Stopped At Dens Today In Vermillion..bought A Michigan Stinger Spoon And Caught A 11.8 Lb. Beauty.....thanks Den.......
  12. I was able to find both the Michigan Stingers at Buckeye Outdoors in Hebron and the Luhr Jensen Krocdile Spoons at Gandermountain.

  13. Fish Tale

    Fish Tale Sea Food Eater

    If you don't mind shopping and purchasing online; this link:}&i=6E283639BA78447899D3D6FB6D20FE4C should help!

    The way Mr. Creosote fishes with the three way is the same way i use them off of planer boards.
    I also use them behind the dipsy diver;they work great!
    As far as bad paint jobs, they loose some paint when walleye(with their sharp teeth)bite them;but the spoons seem to hold up(action wise) and still catch fish!
  14. Man I hate it when the walleye bite the paint off my Stinger spoons.

    I bought 10 of the smaller stinger spoons and got my first 10# walleye on Lake Erie. They work for me and work for all the charter boys yacking on vhf up on erie. Dick's Sporting Goods have them.
  15. esoxhunter

    esoxhunter Livin' the moontime

    Gander in Hilliard has a table full of MI Stingers
  16. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    For anyone in the Akron area, Mandas Bait on Portage Lakes Dr has about every color of Stingers available. She (Joy Manda) also sells them for $2.95, everywhere else sells them for $3.29, and doesn't have near the selection. She also has great prices on Dypsies and Jet Divers.
  17. Thanks for the tip on the MI Stingers.

  18. I think there are three sizes of michigan spoons. The small ones are scorpions. Then the others are medium and large I guess. I've been using the scorpions and medium size on lake erie. Is that the popular choice of sizes for Erie walleye?

    Dick's Sporting goods has 20% off dipsey's, jets, stingers, northern king spoons. 25% off hotntots, ratltraps. They don't have outstanding selection, but enough stinger colors for a rookie troller like me.
  19. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    I can recommend Ordered a bunch of stingers there last week and had them in two days.