Michigan Salmon

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    Went to Grand Haven this weekend, took the boat with me. What a weekend it was. We had 2 boats with 5 guys total for the weekend.

    3 guys fished Friday night from 6pm to 10pm getting our 9 fish limit.
    5 guys fished Saturday morning from 4:30 to 9:00, getting 8 fish. Then fished again Saturday night from 6 to 9, getting our 7 fish to finish our limit for the day.
    5 guys fished Sunday morning from 4:30 to 8, getting 2 fish, then had to get off the lake and head home. Sunday the waves were starting to pick up to the 4-7 ft range.

    What a weekend it was for only the 2nd time ever fishing for these fish.

    During dark hours, moonshine spoons worked the best with a lighted J-Plug coming in 2nd. During the daylight hours, a silver with a red nose J-Plug worked the best, with anything Orange right behind it.
    Watermelon took a few fish along with blue dolphin, purple, and a dark blue spoon. Pearl was also a hot color on Saturday.
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    Nice to hear another success story from you! There is a certain bit of satisfaction that goes along with doing it yourself. Thanx for sharing the report. -Hooch-