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Michigan Salmon

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by Steelhauler, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. I got back last night from a trip up to Ludington for Salmon with Kim(Lundy). We were only able to fish a day and a half due to the weather, but we did manage to land 6 Kings. The largest I figure was a little over 20lbs. We had a lot of trouble trying to figure out a pattern, primarily because we didn't mark many fish. Our best offering was a black/glow Spin Doctor and a green fly. It was our first time up there, so I don't think we did too bad. Maybe if we go up there again, we'll figure out how to fish it. Kim's got a couple of pictures to post when he make's it home.


    Thanks again for having me up. As always I had a great time.

  2. Landing 6 would be a good trip for anyone. I have gone out of Ludington several times and done well, also been out of Pentwater. Those fish are awsome to catch out in the lake like that.

  3. I have been going up to the Silver Lake area all my life (45 yrs). My family has a cottage on the "Big Lake", last one south of the dunes. Many fine summers spent there as a youth, fishing, sailing and just plane ol having fun! Still make it up for a week or two every year to hang out. Used to ( when I was about 18 ish, took the (when I had the energy to drag the ancient, heavy motor out of the beach house and drag the boat to waters edge ) beat up, 14 footer out a w/ 9.9 to pick up a stray or two. Back then I used basic spinning outfit and drug around a spoon at a speed I deemed appropriate, with a 1 oz egg sinker about 2 feet in front, to drop it down, what ever depth that was! Went out about 4-5 sand bars always keeping an eye on shore and clouds/wind. I would Usually go in early morning when you can often see them cruising around and breaking the surface. As years went by added some J-Plugs and some Northpoint Nailers. My first was, it seems, a beautiful silver Coho, not very big, maybe 5# or so. My biggest, a 18# King. Later on took my Grumman, I use to have, up with me a couple of times, and went out of Ludington several times ( by than I even had a downrigger! ) Have also spent many hours casting for Salmon on the Pere Marquette river right off of 31. Don't get much of a chance to do much fishing up there any more due to various reasons, but, love to sit there and drink coffee and watch the lake and remember. :)
  4. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    Wes and I had a lot of fun. The weather and the fishing could have been a little better, but I guess you can't have everything.

    Wes needs to tell everyone about his newly discoverded hot snagging technique using a dipsy, spin doctor and a fly. :D

    Two kings taken by mid morning the second day.

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  5. A co-worker's husband hired a guide on Lake Michigan for Salmon last week. I am unsure of the location, but they did very well. I don't have any idea how many he caught, but I saw at least 2 dozen in the pictures she showed me. They fished for 3 full days - 2 guys and the guide. Looking at the picture posted I'd say most of the fish they caught were smaller than the larger Salmon in the picture.

    I've never fished for Salmon in the big lakes, but it sure looks like fun! :D

    I've caught many "Kings" in the ocean on a charter out of West Palm Beach in the 10-20 lb range. Are these lake King Salmon the freshwater "brother" of the ocean Kings?? :confused: They sure look the same to me.