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Hi Guys!

My previous thread is changing. I am still going up 9/22 and returning 9/27. I finally found a place in Beulah that is only a short drive from two rivers The Betsie and The Platte. Both have high octane salmon fishing in late Sept.

Right now my expenses will be about $600 for motel,gas,food,license, and other necessities. With a sharing partner I can cut that to about $400. Look up the trips offered by Mad River Outfitters for weekend trips. This is a planned 6 day trip for about $400 each.

Whether or not I can get a buddy I'm going. The last time I went for four days 6 yrs ago. It rained all three fishing days, but I caught 6 salmon keeping two 16+ pounders. I also caught a terrible cold due to leaking waders and the rain.

Time is running short, so PM or email me and we'll get the ball rolling.

Not quite sure? go to YouTube and watch the Rasmussen video of "Salmon fishing on the Betsie River"
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